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Depreciation is the allowance given on the wear and tear of property; an income tax is usually set aside for most assets to cater for the cost of assets (Aizenman, Hutchison and Jinjarak, 2013, p.38). The computation is done annually and for depreciation to be done a taxpayer must own the property and make sure that the property is used for business purposes and the property must have a useful life of more than one year.

This is done on tangible assets that lose value such as buildings, machines, vehicles, and equipment. It is also done on intangible property such as copyrights, patents and also computer software. Depreciating starts when the property is put to use for production of income, and it ends when the property fully recovers its cost or can no longer be used to do business (Bhandari, 2014, p. 42).

Property depreciating depends on the method, the property life, the basis of the ownership reduction and also the fact that the taxpayer has listed the property for repayment. Others factors determining depreciating are the first year of depreciation in that some properties don’t qualify for a discount for the first year.

 Since dep is a cost, it has to be included in the calculation of the national income. GDP is perceived as the measure of the market good (Bhandari, 2014, p. 42). As such when calculating national income capital depreciation is deducted from GDP. This because it gives us the market value of the property. On the other hand, depreciating is added to national income when computing GDP. In this case, Depreciation is added to the net domestic product as capital consumption allowance to get the gross domestic product. This because depreciation reduces the stock of capital and therefore it must be accounted.

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