Demystifying Mathematics

Demystifying Mathematics
Demystifying Mathematics

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Demystifying Mathematics

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One of the key aspects of mathematics instruction is to instill effective study skills in your students.

Based on the information in chapter 6 of the Sousa (2015) text, answer the following:

* What types of study skills methods do you teach your mathematics students, if any? Do you use Barton & Heidema’s SQRQCQ? RIDD? SQR3? If you do not teach study skills, why do you choose not to do so?

* Discuss, in two paragraphs, the type of mathematics learning strategy you use in your classroom to demystify mathematics OR select a strategy from the text and explain how you will implement it in your classroom and why.

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Demystifying Mathematics

Discuss the prerequisite skills to learning mathematical concepts. Do you agree with this list? If so what experiences have you had that validated them? If not what skills will you add or remove from this list? Why?

Mathematics educators have proposed 7 prerequisite skills to be used in mathematics leaning process. The first one focuses on following the successive directions that are used in the calculations. This deals with identifying the chronological order in which calculations are conducted to make it easy for the student to duplicate. The second one deals with recognizing the patterns that are used in the mathematics. In learning mathematics, there is always a consistent pattern that distinguishes probability, arithmetic operations, and other topics. Understanding the pattern used in different areas makes calculations easy (Sousa, 2015).

The third one deals with formulating realistic deduction from a question with respect to amount, size, magnitude, and quantity. Additionally, the students need to come up with mental visual pictures. The mental pictures help one to personalize the problem which makes it easy to tackle the problem. The fifth strategy deals with proper space organization and orientation which makes the work clean. In addition, they ensure that one can easily detect a problem in their work as they have organized the workings from one direction to another. The sixth and last strategy deals with deductive and inductive reasoning respectively (Sousa, 2015)…..

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