Democracy Essay Assignment


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Part 1

Democracy can be termed as one of the most critical elements of governance for any country across the world. Democracy can be well-defined as the government of the people, put in place by the people, and is meant for the people (Raveloson, 2008). It can be said to be the only kind of government in which the will of citizens is reflected in the administration.

Part 2

There are two primary forms of government that will be the main focus in this analysis. These include the unitary and federal forms of government. It is vital to acknowledge that each of these systems has their strengths and weaknesses. One of the advantages of the unitary system is that it has a single and decisive legislature. The second advantage of this system is that it is more efficient in the utilization of tax money. In this case, there are fewer people trying to secure some allocation.

The third advantage is that it does not have the sophisticated management of the economy and government. One of the disadvantages, on the other hand, is that this form of administration has a slow response by the government. For instance, in case of an emergency, there are no quick response teams, and troops have to be called upon in case of such cases. The second disadvantage is that this government easily loses track of the local matters. The third weakness is that this system is quite divisive since everybody is forced to compete for priority (Heywood, 2014).

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On the other hand, the federal system also has its strengths and weaknesses. One of the advantages is that each county or province has its unique political, social and economic setups. For instance, the state of California in the United States has its issues which only the county government can solve. The second advantage is that this government provides representation to different populations.

For example, each state in the United States has immigrant and native communities which are represented by the government in representation. The third strength is that through the sharing of work between the central and regional governments, there is the optimum use of resources. The final advantage, in this case, is that federalism provides room for innovation and experimentation. For instance, each state in the United States has its own political, judicial and social setups and policies.

One of the disadvantages is that the federal form of government is quite expensive to run since there are more representatives elected to various positions. This consequently leads to the overlapping of roles. The second weakness is that this government leads to unwarranted competition between multiple regions. The third shortcoming is that it promotes regional imbalances including industrialization, natural resources, and employment opportunities.


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