Define TPS, DSS, and EIS

Define TPS, DSS, and EIS
Define TPS, DSS, and EIS

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Define TPS, DSS, and EIS

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Define TPS, DSS, and EIS and explain how an organization can use these systems to make decisions and gain competitive advantages. In 250 words or more in the forum, please describe what a literature review is and why it is important.

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Define TPS, DSS, and EIS

A Transaction Processing System (TPS) is a computerized system that helps an organization in the effective handling of daily operations, mainly through the recording of all viable transactions in an efficient manner. On the other hand, a Decision Support System (DSS) is a computerized system that helps various individuals in the organization make the right choices when faced with both semi-structured and unstructured decisions. The system does this through consideration of various plans, forecasts, and operations within the firm (Moraa, Wang & Gelman, 2013, pp. 319 – 321).

An Executive Information System (EIS) is a business management and strategic decision aiding system that encompasses functions that help management make larger decisions that encompass the entire firm (Anwar & Masrek, 2014, pp.995 – 996). Large enterprises make use of EIS at a senior level, where other tools and systems are limited in scope and storage capacity (Learn To Code, 2013).

How the organization can make use of these systems            

The availability of several decision aiding systems implies there is a solution for each problem regarding decision making within all types of firms. These systems allow for the subordinate members of staff, mid-level managers, and those in executive positions to collaborate in building business information through data. The systems allow for better collaboration between people, enhancement of existing and mental models, and control of information and databases (Moraa, Wang, & Gelman, 2013, pp. 320, 343)….

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