Data Security: Analysis of Effect of Cloud Computing

Data Security
Data Security

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Data Security: Analysis of Effect of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Security, New Opportunities and Challenges

Section 1: Topic Endorsements

Cloud computing has been a very successful invention. It has created new opportunities for businesses in terms of storage spaces, access to software and other facilities. Additionally, many businesses have stated that they feel that their data is more secure if it is held in a cloud (Pearson and Yee, 2013). However, just as many businesses and experts have stated that cloud computing exposes data and makes businesses vulnerable in terms of data security (Ali, Khan and Vasilakos, 2015).

For computer scientists, understanding security issues as they relate to cloud computing is important for several reasons (Ali et al., 2015). The first and most important is the fact that in the future, any establishment will likely, partly or entirely, depend on cloud computing for storage of data (Mahmood, 2014). As a computer specialist, a computer scientist will be relied upon to monitor data, ensure security and make necessary adjustments where they are required (Verma and Kaushal, 2011).

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Section 2: Research Overview

The research literature on cloud computing indicates that we know cloud computing, even though safer than botnets, has created unexpected side channels because it is a shared resource (Verma and Kaushal, 2011). We also know that security incidences related to data computing are not unique, just different (Flinn, 2012). However, we do not know exact ways on how to improve data security within oud computing. However, several measures such as passwords, can be used to improve security (Pearson and Yee, 2013).

Cloud computing means that the devices used to provide required computing services do not belong to the end users (Krutz and Vines, 2010). As a result, users do not have control over how these devices are operated or who has access to them (Zhu, Hill and Trovati, 2015). Research regarding cloud computing has been extensive over the last decade as the service has continued to become more common among businesses and individuals. With each security development made, new ways to breach security come up as well (Samani, Honan, Reavis, Jirasek and CSA, 2015).

The basic research question is whether cloud computing has led to the increase or decrease of data security in enterprises, since it has become a business necessity (Nepal, Pathan and SpringerLink, 2014). The purpose of the study is to provide insight on cloud computing and how best to ensure data security. The methodology suggested for this research is equation methodology. Similarly, Moustakas- transcendental phenemonology is the suggested research model. With this in mind, the dissertation title becomes; Cloud Computing: Security, New opportunities and challenges (Schwarzkopf, Schmidt, Strack, Martin and Freisleben, 2012).


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