Culture quest Essay Paper

Culture quest
Culture quest

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Culture quest

The purpose of this assignment is to gain an in-depth knowledge of a culture that is different from your own, using an interview or a case study research method.


Complete the following steps:

First, pick a culture different from yours.

Next, select a person or a family from your friends, relatives, classmates, or your workplace belonging to the culture. Conduct an interview (in-person or phone/skype) or research a cultural group to collect information.

Students should collect information on any 8 of the following questions. All students must include information on prompts 1, 2, & 3 and gather material on any 5 of the remaining question prompts listed below.

1. Is the cultural group represented well in the US? Research to find the percent population the cultural group constitutes in the U. S. and in your city. (Use the latest demographic data available). Also, research for representation by way of Celebrities and well-known figures belonging to their culture, in films, TV, media, tech, or other industries in the US.

Culture quest

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Established cultural organizations and religious structures used for congregations and celebrations across the country and in your town/city?

Do the members experience stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination

How does media portray and influence gender roles?

How are health and illness perceived in the culture? How is mental health viewed? Give specific examples.

Does the cultural group

Have any unique fruits, vegetables, and dishes?

Cook foods that are indigenous to their culture? Why or Why not?

Follow any cooking/eating rituals

Does the cultural group have any specific belief systems relating to



Culture quest

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Time (Think of numerology, astrology, Feng-Shui, etc.), and do they follow the beliefs in their family?

Do they have any unique birth and death rituals; if so, please describe healthcare considerations during care traditional medicine or complementary health practices they use, such as ask for specific herbs, rituals, or belief systems.

How are empathy, love, and social justice issues perceived, and how valuable are the qualities to the people in the cultural group. Ask how valuable these qualities are to the people in the cultural group. Provide specific examples.

How is punctuality viewed? What behaviors are the most and least respected in the culture? Give specific examples.

Does religion play a role in influencing any or all the above formal or informal rules within the culture? If so, how?

How are personal space and physical contact in the public (greetings or expressions of love) viewed? Describe them.

What specific rituals and belief systems pertaining to life events exist in their culture? Think of events such as baptism, coming of age, dating, age at marriage, marriage ceremonies.

How are children disciplined, and how do they take care of their elderly?

How are tipping, drinking, gambling, partying, and gift-exchanges viewed?

Culture quest

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