Critical Research Essay Paper

Critical Research
Critical Research

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Critical Research

The aspect that was to me was the approaches that are applied in communication research. These approaches are divided into quantitative research, qualitative research, critical research, and rhetoric research. Of the four, the model that I found to be quite interesting is the critical research model. According to Wood, critical research is not interested much with understanding and explaining organizational communication (Wood, 2014). However, I learned that this model lays more emphasis on analyzing, judging, and criticizing values.

Additionally, critical research just as the word “critical” suggests, focuses more on seeing how the society or an organization exists in a world full of power imbalances. In ideal societies and institutions, there are those individuals that have power and those that lack. Researchers who conduct critical analysis strongly believe that those without power are purposefully prevented by the powerful from attaining ultimate quality. Therefore, critical scholarship tends to be inclined towards the side of weaker individuals when commenting or studying relations of dominance (Wood, 2014).

I also noted that critical theory aids us to question institutions, ideologies, identities, and interests that seem to be dominant and challenging. For instance, critical research helps us to examine whether or not ideologies that have been established within an institution are fundamentally dangerous particularly to the workers. Moreover, with critical research we are in a better position to question certain ideologies on where they came from and the effectiveness of their applicability.

Usually, managers come up with certain ideologies that tend to be inherently problematic for the employees. Therefore, it is the duty of workers to put their best foot forward and challenge such ideologies lest they become implemented for several years without being challenged. Critical is also significant since it aids in examining different institutions to identify which ones are dominant in the society and which ones are not safe for the general worker.

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Wood, J. (2014). Communication mosaics: An introduction to the field of communication. Cengage Learning.

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