Critical patient care Case Study

Critical patient care
Critical patient care

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Critical patient care

Within the case provided, critical patient care coordination especially communication between medical providers and the patient including his family remains essential. As a NP, having been asked by Mr. Wiggin’s wife to make a decision in regards to progressive, critical patient care for the husband, I would consider the state of the patient, his unsuitability for dialysis. This factor has attributed to the general decline of his functionality resulting to complications that include organ failure (Cowan, 2016). The condition of this patient will deteriorate if other conventional treatment methods are not introduced.

I would incorporate a symptoms management approach in this stage in order to ensure t the patient gets opportunity to discuss his wishes in considering other conventional treatment options(‘Hare, Rodriguez,& Bowling, 2016). Before arriving at the decision, there will be a need to conduct consultations with other practitioners and engage the patient in the treatment discussion. In this instance it would be essential to also include the entire family especially in this state, thus providing the patient with support that encourages him to arrive at the decision of choosing another conventional treatment option.

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In facilitating critical patient care to this patient, it is essential to meet the patient’s needs, a factor that would require a shift from the tradition methods that focused on the disease to a more patient-centered approach where quality of live is considered as key (Garcin, 2015). Considering that this patient’s health condition is deteriorating, it is essential to encourage the patient through support in reviewing other treatment options that may be of benefit.

In addressing the need of the patients and their families, it is essential to consider including good communication with the aim of facilitating an informed decision (Thirsk, Moore, & Keyko, 2014). This would require an explanation of the results and progression of the disease and its prognosis are including the consideration of managing the patient within a home setting.


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