Crisis Communication Management

Crisis Communication Management
Crisis Communication Management

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Crisis Communication Management

Unit VIII Homework Assignment

Review the article below:

Frohlichstein, T. (2003). Follow me: Message maps lead the way to better media interviews. Public Relations Tactics, 10(5), 20-21. Retrieved from

  • Now develop your response for a crisis or risk situation in your organization or field.
  • Identify the stakeholders who will receive the messages, potential stakeholder questions and concerns, key messages, and supporting facts.
  • Explain the best course of action when previous communications have been misunderstood or when communications are interrupted.
  • Within your homework assignment, integrate a message map matrix like the one that is mentioned in the Frohlichstein (2003) article.

Please begin your homework assignment with an introduction. The title page and reference page are not included in the minimum two-page (500 word) requirement. APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing sources are to be followed. Your paper must contain at least two references.

Crisis Communication Management

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Crisis Communication Management

Unit VIII Homework Assignment

Crisis communication is an important aspect of business that the management has to be always ready to undertake (Coombs, 2014). Every organization undertakes activities that could potentially send a wrong message to the public or harm customer unintentionally. Hence, it is important to be able, not only to contain such situations but to also communicate correctly to stakeholders about the measure being undertaken to tackle the problem. The management is the face of the organization and as such it is required to communicate the organizations position in case of a crisis.

Response for a Crisis Situation

The crisis can arise where the organization is an airline that the employees forcefully removes a customer in a flight that has been overbooked. The incident is recorded and circulated via social media to the public and the public demands an apology or threatens to boycott the airline. This is a crisis that the public relations manager will have to handle. In this situation, there has to official communication stating the position of the company regarding the incident. The shareholders who are to receive the message include the media, the general public and customers. All these shareholders are important as they might affect the running of the airline.

During such a crisis, various questions would be raised. Such concerns might include whether the airline has apologized to the customer affected and the action that has been taken against the employees responsible for the forceful removal. Further, the public and media would be digging so as to find out whether this is the first incident to occur at the airline. The media might have a leading role in asking questions that concern the crisis.

Potential Stakeholder Questions and Key Concerns

  1. What happened on that flight that led to the removal of the passenger?
  2. Have you apologized to the customer who was affected by the incident?
  3. What action have you taken against the employees who carried out the forceful removal?

Key Messages and Supporting Facts

The response can follow the following message maps:

The key message in this case would be, “We care about our customers”. This is a message that will be proved by the new measures that have been put in pace to ensure that customers are treated respectfully and are not inconvenience. For instance, ensuring that the incidences of overbooking flight are minimal and when such cases occur they are handled well by the staff……

Crisis Communication Management

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