Counseling Session Report

Counseling Session Report
Counseling Session Report

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Counseling Session Report

            The employee has a habit of sleeping during work time. He is attending college at night, has three children, and a wife. He works as the production assistant, and is accountable for print copy and layout for the local newspaper.

            The situation is a problem since this employee is unable to perform at work as required. The situation could have been remediated by ensuring that the employee is receiving as much assistance and support from the colleagues. Moreover, the management should have encouraged the employees to express what is going on in their lives so that they can be given the needed support, which would prevent the department from underperforming (Tran, 2015).

            The employee knows that by the end of the week, he should discuss his situation with the production manager so that he can seek ways of having him supported. The employee has all the information, skills, and resources required to perform the work. The job performance expectations are also clear. If the problem proceeds, the employee will be rated as unproductive (at work) and he might not be able to have a proper life-work balance; and this would make the team, unit, supervisor, and agency to suffer low productivity if he is unable to carry out his roles are required.

            Basically, all the employee needs to do is manage time well and express himself since he was being awarded poor performance for failing to express himself (Tran, 2015). No other employee exhibits this behavior and the employee has no patterns.

Counseling Session Report


To Charles,

The production assistant

Having discussed the improvement multi-part plan during the session, it is hoped that you will be keen to adhere to it so that the needed improvement can be experienced at your unit.

It is recommendable for you to discuss your situation with the production manager so that he can offer you the needed support. In addition, you should manage your time well for a proper life-work balance.

Kindly look forward to doing your part.

With regards


Tran, B. (2015). Ethical and Legal Data Mining. New York: Praeger publishers.

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