Consumer Socialization Research Article Review and Annotation

Consumer Socialization
Consumer Socialization

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Consumer Socialization

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Research Article Review and annotation

-The Consumer Behavior concept is “Consumer Socialization” The article analysis assignments are used each week to expand and apply Consumer Behavior terms, application, or concepts using peer reviewed research articles from academic journals. These articles must report research the author completed in the subject area and be from the past three (3) years or less. 

This assignment (the article annotation) extracts and summarizes the major points relative to a particular topic area that we have discussed. Use the following as a guide to your assignment completion:

a) Purpose of the study

b) Methodology of the study

c) The results – most important because this is the empirical evidence

d) Conclusions – least important since this is the author’s opinion

e) Recommendation for future research

The article citation must follow the APA 6th edition format using a hanging-indent. The annotation itself should be 250 words double-spaced.

Comments on Annotation: must be 200 words

Post your comment on your submitted article annotation. In your post, evaluate the selection of the article, the research conducted, the empirical findings, and the opinions of the author. Using this post, determine the type of project/research this article might support.

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Consumer Socialization Research Article Review and Annotation

Ahluwalia, A. K., & Sanan, P. (2016). Consumer Awareness and Consumer Activism Among Adolescents: Url A Socialization Perspective. IUP Journal of Marketing Management, 15(1), 49.

The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of socialization on adolescents. Consumer affairs knowledge and activism were the major focus. Sampling method was used and a survey conducted among 800 children aged between 10 and 17 was conducted. Correlation analysis and t-test was applied to analyze the result. It was found that, the male adolescents, especially from the good economic backgrounds and with older age brackets were more knowledgeable regarding the available products, thus an impact of consumer socialization on this group of people. The Mass media was attributed to product awareness.

Shafigullina, A. V., & Palyakin, R. B. (2016). Social Media Marketing as an Effective Instrument of the Promotion of Social Business-Project in Social Entrepreneurial Activity. url Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 20, 1.

The purpose of the study was to analyze the impact of social media marketing on the general performance of marketing. Sampling method was applied to different segment groups of people in the market for instance preschool children and employed people. Statistical analysis was applied for instance correlation analysis to determine the results of the research. It was found that, different market groups of people have different interactive maps when it comes to social media marketing. It was therefore concluded that, communication is very critical when promoting, marketing through consumer socialization by the use of social media platforms.

The use of different segment groups was critical in determining the level of consumer socialization to be applied in different markets so as to realize the desired sales…..

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