Constitution and Constitutional Argument

Constitution and Constitutional Argument
Constitution and Constitutional Argument

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Constitution and Constitutional Argument

Class #1: An Introduction to the Constitution and Constitutional Argument

Please read the text of the Constitution in the casebook starting on p. xxxix.

Please read the excerpt from Professor Bobbit that has been sent to you as a PDF and is available on TWEN.

Bobbit 1st Assn Reading.pdf

Please read casebook materials on the Second Amendment and Constitutional Interpretation (pp. 11-32).

Class #2: Judicial Review (and Judicial Supremacy)

Casebook pp.1-11 (Marbury and related materials)

(additional materials previously included in syllabus now will be covered in lecture)

Constitutional Law I (CNLW-200-O)

Professor Siegel

Casebook: Erwin Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law (6th edition) (please note that Dean Chemerinsky also has a treatise by the same name; make sure to buy the casebook)

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