Communication climates; Culture and Social communities

Communication climates
Communication climates

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Communication climates; culture and social communities

Communication climate involves the use of an emotional tone between individuals. The central communication environment includes defensive and supportive that provokes various reactions from people.  In communication climate, there may be conflicts due to individuals’ reliance on others with different opinions, principles, interests, roles and understand differences as not related. Communication that promotes defensive and supportive climate is an essential factor that impacts the effective communication. Kinds of communication that promotes defensive and supportive climate include;

Evaluation and defensive; whereby one negative or positive views triggers one to react defensively, which can mean that an individual feel that he/she is authorized to judge others.  Defensive and supportive communication aims at expressing personal feelings as well as views without necessarily making a judgment.

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Control and issue orientation involves the use of speech that controls listeners while evoking resistance. In most case, a person can try to do something to another person to change their behavior, activity of views. The level of control generates defensiveness relies on the transparency of attempts, where suspicion of exists it increases resistance. Therefore, efforts to refrain from imposing values on recipients are hampered by several obstacles.

Impartiality and Sympathy; neutrality in the speech to listeners showing inadequate concern for their wellbeing makes them defensive. Individuals desire to be treated with worth and affection. Communication that is associated with sympathy for listeners is, in particular, supportive and reduces defensiveness.

Reassurance emerges when the message shows that the speaker understands and identifies the listeners’ problems and their emotions. Attempts to reject the validity of listeners’’ emotions, can incite lack of understanding. Impartiality and sympathy with other people’ emotions without changing them is the highest degree of supportive climate.

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In general, provoking defensiveness interrupts communication, hence making it challenging for one to pass the message clearly and get the solution.

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