Comedy of Euros Article Essa

Comedy of Euros
Comedy of Euros

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Comedy of Euros

This article reflects the falling out of Britain with other members in the European Union. The depth of this crisis is explained. Various strategies of mending the solutions are proposed. Achievements of the Brussels summit are addressed and its failure to draw a plan for saving the Euro.

Why is this newsworthy?

Comedy of Euros

The European Union is a key economic pillar and represents the economy of many nations .A crisis in this union is bound to affect the people as the economy will suffer. For this reason this story has a huge impact on the financial backgrounds of citizens in the member nation’s .It is therefore important to follow the preceding of the story in order for the readers to make any preparation to protect their financial assets  

Current financial information is newsworthy as it impacts business and people’s daily way of life. It is therefore important to keep abreast with business information across the globe by reading this financial news. The information is provide in a summarized nature helping to inform readers who do not have a significant background in business related topics.

The European union have a major impact on the economy of the globe and any news that describes changes taking place in the business environment are beneficial to different stakeholders across the global .Through these news major decisions are made that impact the economy of different countries .The story contains a detailed analysis of new ranging from economic, financial, business news across the globe .These news analyze the market trends across the globe and the drivers of these trends (economist , pg1). 

A visual showing the Euro

Commodities Lose Allure; As demand from the Asian giant cools, investors should seek more exotic plays

This article discusses the various prices of commodities .Investor options are also evaluated in this article .A comparison  of prices of gold and rare earth metals is made. An interview with industry players is also contained in the article.  

How might readers use this information? Comedy of Euros

Business news contained in these financial magazines is vital as affects the decisions made by leaders from the various governments and businesses .Readers can therefore use the information acquired in various ways aimed at improving their economic status. The magazines contain news of models used by businessmen and governments across the globe in reduction of operation costs methods that the readers can use in their businesses (Wsj, pg1). 

Readers are able to acquire information about the pricing of different shares and other financial instruments across the globe .They can therefore use the information acquired in making business decisions on whether to invest or divest their funds .This is usually easy as the magazines include a detailed analysis with various share price options from which the readers can make their decisions.  

Readers can use the information acquired from these business magazines to make a decision on the performance of their leaders. The magazines contain various decisions that governments have implemented to growth their economies and the impact of these decisions. From this information the readers can judge on whether their leaders are implementing policies that have a positive effect on the economy and make decisions on whether to re elect them for office again (Wsj, pg1).  

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Readers can use this information in making decisions on whether it is viable to invest in other countries .The magazines provide information of different markets across the globe. Readers can therefore use this information to tap on cheap production costs and availability of natural resources in the different countries .The readers can therefore follow business happening across the globe waiting for positive changes that may affect their business and capitalize on them .

A visual comparison of rare-earth metal prices vs. gold  Comedy of Euros

A Rare Apple Compromise 

Apple has been faced by tough competition. The company is softening its advertising strategies due to the rising competition .The article describe the strategies put in place by management to survive. Conversation with employees is also included.

What management decisions are involved?

Due to challenges faced in advertising Apple Inc has been forced to make management decisions aimed at ensuring the company is able to compete effectively. The management introduced the selling of advertisements within mobile applications. This has been a major decision aimed at increasing its income through advertising .The strategy was developed to compete with Google’s Admob service .This has been however difficult due to the pricing of the products as apple has introduced the product at a very high prices as compared to its competitors (Wsj, pg 5). 

To counter changes in advertising the management has developed a strategy aimed at introducing flexibility in the prices of its products .This strategy will help increase Apple’s market share thereby driving its revenue upwards. The change in price represents the management bargain in compromising its business decisions by adjusting its prices to the match with the current market changes.

Management decisions have the effect of growing or destroying an organization. It is therefore important for managers to make decisions that are timely and accurate. These decisions can only be made where information is provided timely and is accurate.

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Management is involved in implementing key strategies as well developing concepts that will steer the company towards achievement of its goals and objectives.

A visual showing Apple’s positioning the market  Comedy of Euros

Best Buy’s Profit Tumbles 

Best buy is a leading electronics dealer .With immerses competition the company has been forced to make different strategies to survive. The article describes the strategies put in place and the financial results for the company .The impact of results may have different repercussions depending on their nature. 

How might this affect stock prices?

Any information that is made available to the public domain whether positive or negative has an effect on the share price of stocks of a company. Negative information like decline of its profits may result to shareholders going into a panic and selling their shares. Negative information is associated with a declining value thus when a company posts negative results the news are bound to cause fluctuations in the stock market.

Company results are announced in their annual general meting with a report from the management explaining the reasons behind a company’s performance .Readers of the magazine are going to be influenced in making decisions regarding the shares of the company. Some readers may be tempted to purchase shares for speculative purposes where the will be aiming to make a profit should the price of the shares increase in the future .

Current share holders may dispose of their shares after reading this article in an attempt to minimize  further loss in their investment in the stock market. The new may resulted to increase trading of the shares in the market as the demand from speculators is satisfied by suppliers who want to minimize their risks (Wsj, pg1). 

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It is therefore evident that news of a decline or rise of a company’s profits has an effect on its share prices .Readers should therefore seek regular accurate information on company’s that they have an interest or are interested in to ensure they take full benefit of any information regarding the company .

A visual showing changes in share prices 

Explaining high oil prices 

Oil is a key driver of the economy in the world. The rapid rises in prices of oil has had major impact on different industries .It is therefore important to analyze the reasons behind prices increases. This article helps in explaining the key factors that have resulted in high prices 

What are the risks and rewards involved? 

The oil is a very risky industry due to the commodity involved .An accident arising in the oil industry may have hazardous effects and therefore the industry players must put in place measures to ensure there is minimal expose to risks .This will be achieved by the method used in handling oil and its related products .The methods used must ensure easy reconciliation of inventory .Oil leakage equipment must be set up to ensure the staff involved as well as other equipment are not damaged(Wsj, pg1). 

High prices  in oil will result in an increase in prices of other commodities .This will strain economies of  countries across the globe as they depend on the oil industry to drive other industries .It is therefore important to make a detailed analysis on factors affecting the prices of oil. Political factors are the most causes of increase in the price of oil and their impact should be regulated to ensure they do not adversely affect economy of major countries across the globe. 

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The rewards associated wit monitoring the price of oil is an increase in the growth and development of economies across the globe .Fair oil prices result in countries being able to develop their economy through increased investment in various industries. 

A visual showing oil prices 

Capping microfinance interest rates will hurt the poor. There are better ways to regulate the industry 

This is a microfinance article on interest rates. Various ways of regulating the industry are explained .Microfinance in different areas is explained .The reasons behind the rapid development of the micro credit industry are explained 

How does a visual improve understanding of the content? 

The visual helps the reader to relate to the content of the article. The visual in this article showing currency notes .This will help identify the content of the article. The visual clearly depicts a financial content .Microfinance is mostly related to the poor communities and capping interest rates would affect their economic empowerment 

The bank notes help the reader in analyzing the content provided in the article. These visual involve a mixture of different colors helping the reader to distinguish the difference in different data that is contained in the article. This helps them in analyzing what each color has been used to depict in the visual (Wsj, pg2).

Visuals help give content to the article in the magazines by providing readers with an outlook of all the key data that has been included. These helps the readers in understanding the articles through the summary presented in the visuals and help them in making informed decisions derived from a thorough analysis of the visuals 

The visual must be placed in an appropriate area of the article where it stands out in making a detailed summary of every data that is in the article. It is therefore important for business related magazines to consider using a visual in their articles to help the readers in understanding the articles fully. The visual should therefore be as detailed as possible but should not include irrelevant information.

Visuals must be clear and price in order for it to achieve its intended objects .it must also be bold and colored so as to attract a reader’s attention. (Lam, pg5). Visual is important as it helps in summarizing the key data provided in the information .This visual is provided in form of tables and graphs and contains trends that the reader can easily relate to .The visuals are presented in a manner that helps attract the reader’s attention helping them to get the clear meaning of the articles. 

A visual on the article


Lam, J .Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Controls. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley. 2003, Pg 1-5 Where to Invest 2012 13.Dec 2011 <>, Commodities Lose Allure 13.Dec 2011 <> A Rare Apple Compromise 13.Dec 2011 <> Best Buy’s Profit Tumbles 13.Dec 2011 <> .Explaining High Oil Prices 13.Dec 2011The U.S. economy is no longer what’s driving the market >>

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