Client-related consultative services Interview

Client-Related consultation
Client-Related consultation

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Client-related consultative services

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Interview a physical therapist who provides client-related consultative services. Submit a 2-3 page summary of the interview, including but not limited to: name and title of person interviewed, date and type of interview (in-person, phone, electronic), the type of consultative activity, how they got involved in the activity, expertise required to serve as a consultant for that activity, reimbursement for consultative services (if any), any legal or risk related factors.


Write a 2-3 page paper covering the role of a physical therapist in one type of client-related consultation addressing the items above and with appropriate references.

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NOTE: Consultation is not regular clinical physical therapy. All PTs provide patient-related consultation. Client-related consultation is when a PT has expertise in a particular area and provides expert opinion regarding situations that do not directly involve patient care.

Examples of client-related consultation include but are not limited to: ergonomic workplace assessment, rules and regulations compliance, ADA compliance recommendations, court testimony as an expert witness, development of clinical or academic programs, insurance claim reviewer, etc.

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