Human Resources School of Management Theory

Management Theory
Management Theory

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Human Resources School of Management Theory

The human resources school of management theory is widely accepted and has been in existence for quite some time. However, even though not every manager or company embraces it today, it is undeniable that it has transformed overall management practice not only in health care settings, but in all sectors for better (Dunn, 2010).   Human resources management theory, which is often referred to as behavioral management or motivational theory has a different view of the employee compared to the previous management theories that are more autocratic (Dunn, 2010).

In particular, this theory puts more focus on the individuals in a place of work instead of processes, rules and procedures. Thus, in human resources theory employees are not viewed as a mere cog in the wheel of the company, but it asserts that the prosperity of an organization can only be achieved by helping its employees to prosper (Dunn, 2010).

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The human resources school of management theory has various features, but the most important ones include:

1) communication between managers and employees is provided rather than directives emanating directly from an organization’s management, which allows interactions with one another in the decision-making process;

2) instead of employees been given quotas or been required to follow certain procedures, they are exposed to emotional and motivational tactics to promote their motivation for improved productivity;

3) the focus is in ensuring that employees are satisfied, productive and helping them invest and be loyal to the company;

4) empowering employees to be innovative through training and career development; and

5) providing appropriate rewards, appreciation and recognition methods when the company goals are achieved (Dunn, 2010).    

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The components of the human resources theory can be effectively used in health care setting today by encouraging motivation of health care practitioners, which subsequently results to improved job satisfaction and increased productivity. The components can also be used to boost employees’ sense of belonging by involving them in the company’s decision-making process, which improves their morale to work and loyalty to the company (Dunn, 2010).           


Dunn, R. (2010). Dunn and Haimann’s Healthcare Management, (9th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.    

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