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choose one of the following subjects: • Women have made tremendous progress in education and the workplace during the past 50 years. Although in some areas such as business, law, and medicine, women have made impressive gains, why are so few women becoming scientists and engineers? There are many factors that you can discuss. Bellow you will find some example subjects to discuss:
You can analyze the effects of social norm and legal system, which kind of science jobs are women more likely to be found in? What can be said about women’s academic achievement in science& engineering? How do women in science compare to men in terms of salary & compensations? How does the status of women in science differ from culture to culture? What strategies you recommend that can improve women’s prospect in work environment as well as opening a path for future opportunities in these fields. Adding statistical information will be very helpful in proving your argument.
• For this assignment, trace the progress of women in a selected country/geographical region and critically analyze the effects of: Legal system, Societal norms, Professional practice in a relative field of Math, Science, Engineering, and essay/impact-technological-competency/">Technology. Also, elaborate on the most significant issues, challenges, and opportunities that woman in those area faces today as they plan their careers. At end, I would like you to recommend some strategies that can improve women’s prospect in work environment as well as opening a path for future opportunities in your selected country/geographical region.



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Paired t-test statistics problem

Paired samples t-test   Run a paired samples t-test to determine if there is a statistically significant difference in the means of quiz1 and quiz2. ? Save your output file as Output5. Your file should meet the following requirements: o Analyzes the statistical meanings of the SPSS Output for your paired samples t-test.  Identifies the variables.  Infers and identifies the population from which the sample was drawn.  Includes the null hypothesis  Reports the SPSS calculated p-value (the Sig. value), decides to either reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis, and explains the reason for either rejecting or failing to reject the null hypothesis. o Formulates a research question for which the paired samples t-test could provide an appropriate answer, including the following: ?


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