Case Study on Moral Status of the Fetus

Moral Status of the Fetus
Moral Status of the Fetus

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Case Study on Moral Status of the Fetus

            The “Fetal Abnormality” case study case involving a couple, Marco and Jessica in which the latter is found to be pregnant with identified abnormalities in the fetus. The news regarding the fetus brings about conflicting theories concerning the moral status of the fetus. Marco employs the conflict model theory, which is often used in decision making processes. Marco uses this theory when he is reluctant about his wife discovering the news since he believes that Jessica would undergo some level of stress and make the wrong decision in the process.

Maria, on the other hand, employs the dual-concern theory, which is evidenced by the fact that she thinks that the fetus has the moral right to live because it is part of God’s creation (Grand Canyon University, 2015). However, she prays for Jessica when she gets the news because she has already lost hope in the life of the fetus. This propels her to support Jessica and convince her to keep the child. 

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            Jessica is not sure about the best decision to make since she values life by indicating that, “all life is sacred” (Grand Canyon University, 2015). At this point, she uses the sentience theory by indicating that the child has the right to live. Nonetheless, she also has an obligation to the fetus as a mother, which highlights the use of the relationship theory. This aspect might change her decision due to their financial status.

Marco also uses the sentience theory by stating that he will support the decisions of his wife (Grand Canyon University, 2015). This means that his actions would indeed support the moral status of the fetus. Conversely, the doctor uses the virtue theory by convincing the couple to opt for an abortion since it helps in alienating the burden of raising an abnormal child and suffering from the involved costs. Based on all these theories, the virtue theory is the most effective since the couple has financial problems and an abnormal child would just add onto their challenges.


Grand Canyon University. (2015) Case Study: Fetal Abnormality. Arizona: Grand Canyon University.

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