Calorie Information: Business and Government Regulations

Calorie Information
Calorie Information

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Calorie Information

Are restaurants where you live required to provide visible calorie information under current regulations? Should restaurants provide calorie and nutrition information before they are required to do so by law? Do you think calorie information will change people’s health practices?

Under the current law, restaurants in my neighborhoods are required to provide clear calorie information. This is because the new regulations are applicable not only to restaurants but also casual dining entities. In addition, the regulations apply to non-conventional establishments including bakeries, convenience stores, malls, and groceries that specialize in selling food.

The current law also applies to goods sold in vending machines as such require clear calorie information. In fact, restaurants where I live are required to clearly and display nutrition details on their menus including drive-through areas and individual food items. While these restaurants are required to maintain a 2,000 calorie as a platform for health advice, each person calorie requirements may differ (Rosenbloom, 2010). 

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In restaurants, detailed calorie information should be made available to all patrons. They also have the right to access calorie information whenever they deem fit. Owing to the fact that US citizens consume approximately one third of calories daily from foods prepared in other places, restaurants should also provide nutritional as well as calorie information firsthand as requested by the law.

For that reason, making such information available on restaurants’ menus will enable people to choose health diets. Food and drug authority (FDA) final regulation on nutrition labeling in restaurants will change people health practices, since they will get consistent and clear nutritional details of food prepared away from home (, 2015).

Providing calorie on menus will fill important gap while assisting people to make suitable and healthy nutritional practices. Research demonstrates that people tend to consume less calories when information is provided on menus. With this, consumers stand to benefit from essential nutrition content hence making healthier food alternatives that may reverse the trend of increasing obesity in US.

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