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1) The U.S. is a capitalistic society. What are the advantages that businesses and individuals have in this economic structure versus in a socialistic structure? Provide one example of how the U.S. capitalistic economy has influenced the world economy. How has this affected the American business and the American citizen?

2) Describe the four factors for production that influence a country’s standard of living and ultimately a person’s quality of life. Explain why each of these factors is the driving force behind economic success.

3)  A change in human resources can have a major impact on businesses and our daily lives. List two demographic changes that will occur in the future. Provide an example for each change, and describe how these changes will transform American business and affect the American workforce.

4)  The world is constantly changing. How does the standard of living differ for the average American versus for the average person living in India? Choose two factors that can improve the quality of life for the people living in India. Conduct outside research to support your answer.

5) Refer to Exhibit 4.5 on page 53 of your textbook. Select three examples, and judge the actions of these companies as either legal and unethical, legal and ethical, illegal and ethical, or illegal and unethical? Support your judgments for each company selected.

6) Many countries have promoted free trade. What are international organizations that support free trade? What are their roles?

7)  Ethical behavior can shift depending on the situation. In order for an organization to eliminate unethical behavior, it will have a code of conduct in place. What actions within the organization need to be taken in order to ensure ethical behavior is followed?

8)  What are ethical considerations a business would need to evaluate before making a profit in a foreign country? All countries have different laws that need to be followed. A dilemma can take place when a company follows the law that infringes on the company’s code of conduct. Provide an example to support your answer.

9)  What are the four different theories for motivation? Select one theory of motivation, and explain why you prefer it over the other three.

10)  Imagine you are speaking to a group of employees. Which communication barriers do you need to be concerned with and address in order to effectively communicate your message? Provide some examples.

11)  You have selected the in-person presentation channel to communicate. What are three prerequisites that should be clear before giving an in-person presentation to your audience? What are the “dos” and two “don’ts” that will provide for a successful presentation?

12)  One of the best communicators of our time is Bill Clinton. Who do you feel is as great a communicator? Identify communication elements used by this person to support your answer.

13)  Identify and describe the five strategies that contribute to a successful small business? How does each strategy provide for successful results?

14)  What are the four types of corporations? What makes each corporation different? What are advantages and disadvantages to the most common form of corporation?

15)  What are the four types of business ownership? Describe each of them.

16)  Many people would like to have their own business. If you were to start your own small business, why would you take on this venture?

17)  All financial statements are important. Which one out of the three do you feel is the most beneficial? Defend your answer.

18)  What are the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAPs)? Why do we need GAAPs? What is the purpose and goal for this practice? What is the challenge of using this practice?

19)  Managers rely on financial ratio analysis when making decisions. What are the four key ratios? What information does each provide?

20)  There are three basic types of financial statements that provide stakeholders a broad picture of an organization’s finances. What are these three statements? Describe each of them.
21)  What are the primary securities market and the secondary securities market? Identify two securities exchanges and how they influence trading and the investor.

22)  List and describe the basic makeup for a computer and the function each performs. Identify and describe the two types of software.

23)  An investor has many choices that need to be made before investing his/her money. Identify five strategies that need to be reviewed before an investor can reach his/her personal goals. Discuss the advantages and disadvantage to each strategy.

24)  What is the difference between data and information? What are characteristics of good information? How does essay/impact-technological-competency/">technology improve the decision making process?

25)  Identify the four strategies for pricing and the sales objective for each. Which strategy do you feel is the most effective? Support your answer.

26)  What elements define a marketing plan? What are the necessary strategic steps to reach the company’s goal?

27)  How do distributors add value by utilizing different types of utility? What are the different types of utility and the benefits they provide to the consumer?

28)  What are the two types of wholesalers and the benefits that each afford? What connection do they have to the producer, and what advantages do the producers and wholesalers gain using these strategies?

29)  It is very important that companies hire the right people for jobs. What is the process for hiring a person in order to fill a specific position? Explain the steps in the process.

30) What are some human resource challenges? How would a good human resources department meet these challenges?

31)  What are the factors a business considers before finding the right location? What are the many reasons facility location is important to a business? Give an example of where a Walmart may be located.
32)  Training and developing employees is a must to keep up with the changes in the business world. What are the ways human resources can keep pace? What are the benefits that each provide to the employee and to the employer?