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The blog “Flash Sales and Business Model” by Vanna is one that is quite informative and which I found interesting. The author uses relevant examples of companies such as Amazon which fall directly under web-based models. One of the most critical aspects of the blog is that there is constant use of references which makes the blog content quite well researched.

As one goes through the content, one can deduce that the writer utilizes comparisons efficiently. For instance, social media is presented to be an effective platform to create urgency in contrast to other means. Wholesomely, the blog is quite informative, useful for audiences and the author has done an excellent job in presenting facts and ideas.


After reading the blog, I can deduce that Vanna wrote about a topic that directly related to modern day business operations. One of the aspects that the writer presents and which I can agree on is displayed in the introductory part. In this case, I do agree that web-founded business models particularly the businesses that take part in the virtual marketplace such as Amazon are forced to take part in different promotional strategies from time to time. Consequently, this ensures that customers are kept engaged.

It is indeed true that these virtual marketplaces act as virtual malls where sellers are presented with a platform where they can directly sell products to shoppers in the online space. I also would like to point out that the author was quite articulate in depicting what a flash sale is. I also had to do some research, and after that, I would concur that a flash sale is a promotional strategy by the e-commerce industry which offers a moderate duration where the quantity of products kept in stock are also restrained. 

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It is true that indeed, it is critical to emphasize the means of communication when making flash sales to a target audience. This I believe would be instrumental in creating a lot of sales. Just as it has been proven and as indicated in the blog, social media is a platform or avenue in which information is provided. The conclusion part of the blog made is one that had quite an impact.

In this case, it is indicated that a combination of social media marketing and discounting are an impactful promotional mix for engaging clients in the digital experience of a brand.  Therefore, after thorough analysis of the blog, one can note that the writer is quite convincing in driving the intended points home. Anyone who reads it will be in a position to have more knowledge regarding flash sales and business models.

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