Aunt Hetty on Matrimony

Aunt Hetty on Matrimony
Aunt Hetty on Matrimony

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An Explication paper on Aunt Hetty on Matrimony

This is an extremely funny piece written by Fanny Fern which has some inherent truth in it. For instance, men are often bored with their wives making them to neglect them. However, presently both women and men can neglect one another or each other on equal measures, but no matter what, women and men will always need each other. In the conclusion of this funny piece, Aunt Hetty makes a plea to girls, to totally shun marriage because of the fact that after their death, their husbands will remarry. However, she also strives to stop herself since irrespective of her warning; at some point in their life, the girls will try marriage (Fanny 49).   

Aunt Hetty is trying her best to offer advice to girls; this is because issues to do with marriage and love seem to disgust her and wants girls to be cautious on them.  According to Aunty Hetty, “love is a farce; matrimony a humbug; husbands are domestic Napoleons, Alexanders, and Neroes …” (Fanny 47). This indicates her disbelief in these things and is urging young girls to be careful before indulging in them. However, her motive to offer this advice is her unpleasant experience, but she concurs with the fact that at some point many women will always want to try marriage (Fanny 47).    

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Aunty Hetty reiterates that after a man wins a woman’s heart; he moves on to conquer other women hearts (Fanny 48). In addition, Aunty Hetty also believes men rarely try to build the home because they envisage that work to be done by women. Therefore, she implies that matrimony should be left alone because it is the hardest thing.

“Remain aloof to any gentleman who gives his attention; until one of us can verify his circumstances” (Fanny 16). Aunty Hetty also advise women to seek knowing men better prior to engaging with them, because they are crafty and will seek to conquer other women’s hearts after they win theirs (Fanny 48).               


Fanny, F. (1985). Aunt Hetty on Matrimony. West Trenton, NJ: Hermitage Press.

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