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Since when I was a young kid I have always being interested in the management, and preferably being a manager in a hospital. My passion to pursue a degree in Health Management is the main objective I want to transfer from YYY YYY to University of XXX. In order to actualize my dream I have worked hard to lay a good foundation necessary for this career, and for the two years I have been at XXX Dade I have ensured that have selected the essential courses and attained  an appropriate GPA which will qualify me for admission to the University of XXX. This is evident from the fact that I currently hold 45 credits with a GPA of 3.0; credentials I hope will qualify me for admission at the University of XXX to pursue a degree in Health Management.

I have always wished to get a chance for enrollment in the Business school at the University of XXX since my early years of elementary school. This interest was heightened by the success of my four uncles who studied B.Sc. in Engineering at the University of XXX, and are currently holding important key positions in the country. This gave me a good impression of your reputable institution and always had that strong interest to be an alumnnus of the University of XXX. 

I am specifically highly interested to pursue a degree in Health Management major from School of Business at the University of XXX. This has led me to move to XXX in order to render my application for an admission to University of XXX and obtain my preferred degree essential to make me a hospital manager in future. After looking through the courses offered by the University of XXX for the major of Health Management, I am certain that I will greatly benefit from them as well as the expertise of the professors in the School of Business and learning facilities. I hope to be a crucial asset to my country in the field of hospitals management after obtaining a degree in Health Management from the University of XXX. 

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