Acquisition Planning

Acquisition Planning
Acquisition Planning

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Acquisition Planning

In this case study acquisition would be an appropriate option because the supply and demand calculations to determine the company equilibrium both in short-run as well as long-run shown that acquisition is a favorable option, and it is essential for the effective measures or interventions to be implemented. This is due to the fact that, this approach is highly imperative to ensure that the company maintains its competitiveness in the market (Andreyeva, Long & Brownell, 2014). 

As a result, increased capital investment in R&D in order to come up with high quality methods and procedures in the Bio Sensor Virus Detector (BSVD) program is highly encouraged. This calls for the need for the company to embark on a continuous and an aggressive process of making sure that there is a consistent improvement of the quality of its products and methods (Saito, 2013). This is a vital consideration with regards to the federal government directive in 2010, in which GAO was given the mandate to conduct an examination of how civilian agencies were undertaking their acquisition planning for services contracts (Saito, 2013).

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In particular, there was a concern on the extent of spending by these agencies in terms of acquisition planning with respect to professional, management and administration to support these services (Saito, 2013). As a result, there was a recommendation for these challenges to be resolved through an elaborate acquisition planning procedure including: cost estimation, written acquisition plans, as well as incorporation of requirements development (Andreyeva, Long & Brownell, 2014). 

Thus, it is clearly evident that these elements are critical for planning, and acquisition planning ought to be closely aligned with elements stipulated in the FAR. Finally, the case study reveals the need to adopt several practices in attempts towards curbing the identified limitations including hiring personnel who have procurement specialization, especially with regards to business issues and cost and price analysis as a key strategy towards providing a guideline in helping to prepare key documents concerned with acquisition planning. 


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Saito, Y. (2013). Managerial Decisions to Discontinue Operations and Future Firm Performance. Available at:

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