A Subpoena

A Subpoena
A Subpoena

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A Subpoena

According to Stansfield (2005) subpoena is a court order demanding for the production of a record, and its may also be known a court order or a search warrant. Upon receiving either of these documents, the response should be compliance either by forwarding a health record to the court requesting it or acquiring a countering court order or search warrant. It may sometimes also need the attendance of a health professional at the trial, subsequent to providing the documents the subpoena designates as well as giving evidence regarding to such documents (Perera et al., 2011).

When the person subpoenaed is the Director of Clinical Services, the accepted response is for the requested documents/records to be accompanied by the Risk Management Department, Medical Legal Officer or Health Record Management Department nominated officer and directly handing them only to the Judges Associate. The person receiving the record must avail his/her signature, and a note showing the date of receipt and the court’s name prepared (Stansfield, 2005).


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Stansfield, S. (2005). Structuring information and incentives to improve healthBulletin of the World Health Organization, 83(8), 562.

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