A Place at the Table Sample Movie Review

A Place at the Table
A Place at the Table

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A Place at the Table Sample Movie Review


Watching the documentary, A Place at the Table.

Write a four-to-five page comprehensive response to the film.

Your response should NOT be a review of the A Place at the Table film, but an analysis of what you observed. Be sure to support your analysis with evidence from the assigned readings (at least 4 sources) and any other scholarly sources.

Assigned Reading: (see uploaded file)

Perspectives on the Duality of Race and Food:

1. Food Justice, Intersectional Agriculture, and the Triple Food Movement

2. Race and Food: Agricultural Resistance in U.S. History

Defining Food Security in the US Context:

1.Food security: Definition and measurement

2. Regionalizing Food Security? Imperatives, Intersections and Contestations in a post-9/11 world

Food Insecurity, Hunger, and Poverty:

1. Chapter 8, “Food Access: Surplus and Scarcity”

2. Economic inequality, food insecurity, and the erosion of equality of capabilities in the United States

3. “We will not perish; we’re going to keep flourishing”: Race, Food Access, and Geographies of Self- Reliance

4.“Oh honey, don’t you know?” The Social Construction of Food Access in a Food Desert

Preparatory Process

While watching the film, be sure to take careful notes and think about what the movie is trying to convey.

What is the purpose of the film?

Who is the intended audience?

What is the main argument of the film?

What kind of evidence is being used to support the argument?

What is missing?

Who is missing?



How does this film impact the way you think about food security?

What are 4-5 major themes of the film?

Who are the characters?

What situations stand out to you?

Writing Process

Remember, this assignment is not a review of the film, hence, there is NO need to retell the synopsis of the film. When writing this paper, draw upon the themes you gathered from the film, during the preparatory phase, to write your paper. It might be helpful to organize your notes by themes. Furthermore, use the themes to find literature that supports the claims you plan to make in your paper.

You might want to think about separating your paper into sections as a way to organize your paper.

For example,

Introduction (Be sure to let the reader know the purpose of your essay)

Theme 1 [Main Body]

Theme 2 [Main Body]

Theme 3 [Main Body]

Conclusion (Reiterate the purpose of your essay and summarize main findings)

Works Cited or References Page

The [Main Body] of your essay should be a thorough analysis and exploration of the themes you observed from the film. Be sure to use specific characters, situations, descriptions, and main ideas from the film. Alongside your analysis should be evidence from course readings or any other scholarly sources you may find.


All essays must be typed (in a clear and readable print format), aligned with justified format. Please use 12-point font, double spacing, one-inch margins, and American Psychological Association (APA) citation formatting. All papers should be numbered, have a title and include a heading with your full name, course title, my name, and date on page one.

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