Zumba Sport dance Background and Safety

Zumba Sport dance
Zumba Sport dance

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Zumba Sport dance Background and Safety

Zumba is an aerobic dance programme that was created by the fitness instructor Aberto Beto in the 1990s. It is used not just for fitness but fun as well with practices borrowed from meringue and salsa. The use of music and beats makes Zumba workout for participants enjoyable. As a popular dance workouts globally, the use of choreographed music makes it easy for anyone to participate.

Zumba proponents argue that the dance has therapeautic benefits in terms of wellness and happiness (Inouye, Nichols and Maskarinec, 2013). The zumba culture is liberating and electrifying thus giving the individual the best opportunity to exercise without feeling exhausted. However, when the exercise is combined with music the workout drains the individual. Ironically, it enhances fitness.

The party like dance model makes Zumba a preference of most people around the world. The midsection of the body and hips are the most gyrated parts. The dance also targets   the legs since they open up the lungs and increase blood circulation. The workouts use flexibility aerobics and strength to make the individual fit (Waterflow, 2003).

Zumba has evolved from a mere routine dance into a fitness sensation and aerobics.  The workout enhances individuals’ fitness through burning of calories. While zumba classes are being run in over 100 countries, gym instructors are busy introducing the dance in gyms.  The integration has been remarkable because of the fun involved in it (Gardiner, Prouty and Roberts, 2011).

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It starts off as a repetitive dance where people make some moves that help in refreshing the body.  For an individual to cut weight they have to gyrate vigorously and sweat. The introduction of the dance in gyms brought to the fore the focus on the arms and stomach area of the body. This also brought about a combination of small weights in the dance which is concentrated on the whole body. However the trends keep on changing and currently a new trend called piloxing is being used in the dance (Waterflow, 2003).

According to Waterflow (2003), piloxing is a training that combines boxing, dance and standing Pilates where the individual works out at a speed of 145 beats in a minute. While this is exhausting, it shakes the whole body. The style was invented by the former the former Swedish professional dancer Viveca Jenhsen.  Piloxing is a high energy calorie burning workout.

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However, like any other sport or dance, Zumba can lead to injuries like sprains on ankles, hamstrings, calf injuries and even spasms. Inouye, Nichols and Maskarinecc (2013) argue that the movements create a condition of instability within the body of the individual for the first time. They further argue that one out of every four participants reported injury within a week. However the first step in avoiding injuries is to join a class that has the best instructor.

Instructor guidance helps ensure the individual learns the workout gradual. One can also avoid injuries by wearing not just tight shoes, but executes a dance on the best floor to avoid slipping. Moreover, it is advisable to stretch and warm up after workout to relax the muscle.

According to Gardiner, Prouty and Roberts (2011) people should use workout guidelines for better results.

The instructor trains people based on a variety of dances and instructions. Despite injuries and the cost of learning Zumba, it is one of the easiest workouts that people can learn because of the fun.


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