Worth of money Essay Paper

Worth of money
Worth of money

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Worth of money

Why is money worth more today than at a point in the future? If someone wants the use of your money, should you lend it or invest it in the company? What kinds of risk apply if you lend it? If you invest it? What moral issues are involved? 


In determining whether money is worth more today or in future the ‘time value of money’ concept must be considered which states  that money received today is worth a lot more that the same amount of money in the near future due to the ability of saving this amount and earning interest . Alignment of financial goals and the investment or lending policy is required in order to ensure the chosen option is beneficial in the long term (Advani, 2006). In determining whether to lend or invest money the risks and benefits of both options must be evaluated and the best option implemented.

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When lending money the lender expects to receive their principle amount and any interest that has arisen from the loan .The major risks possessed in lending may be a default of both the interest payments and refusal to pay even the principal amount .The terms of the lending arrangement ma not also be beneficial due to the interest charges agreed (Advani, 2006). 

Worth of money

Before making an investment it is important to evaluate the type of investment that best suits the funds available and the risks involved. The investment idea must match with the individual’s financial objectives. The risk associated with investing is a rapid drop in share prices if one has invested in the stock market a decrease in interest rates if one has invested in bonds and other forms of investment. 

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Worth of money

Financial goals of the individual should be the key consideration before they decide whether to lend or invest .A risk analysis is also important as it helps in making a sensible decision on the option that is more suitable. The best option should help the individual increase their asset value.


 Advani, A. (2006). Investors in your backyard: how to raise business capital from people you know Business Loans from Family & Friends: How to Ask, Make It Legal & Make It Work. Nolo.Indiana 

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