Why people attend college Essay Paper

Why people attend college
Why people attend college

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Why people attend college

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students join colleges and institutions of higher learning to pursue college education, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, (1) “in the year 2011, about 68.3 % of 2011 high school graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities”. These figures point out to a high number of people seeking college education. It is worth noting that, there were other college admissions outside high school graduates.

The three major reasons why people attend college are; to attain success because a college degree is a requirement by most employers, secondly it is because attending college is what everyone else is doing and perhaps chances are that the student wants to just join his or her peers and finally the third reason is the desire to gain knowledge on a given skill and build on one’s talent. The three reasons are discussed in the next paragraphs.

Nothing is more important to an ambitious student than ending up in their dream job since this is considered by many as attaining success. Success for most students depends on what course they study and employers look for just that. Even the most independent-minded student acknowledges the relevance of a college degree in the current job environment.

For such a student, he or she will attend college so as to increase their chances of being successful in their future endeavors. There is a significant number of students whose main aim of going to college is to attain the right papers for securing their future jobs.

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Another reason why people attend college is because it is trendy, most people will think lowly of anyone who does not have college education. Therefore because it is what everyone does and perhaps the chance is there and the student has a guardian or another source of financing, so he or she just attends the college because the chance is available. Such people do not necessarily perform poorer than those in the category explained above; it is just that they join college with a different kind of motive.

Perhaps the third major reason why people attend college is the desire to gain knowledge on a given skill and build on ones talent; there are some skills which can only be trained adequately in colleges. This could be because of some training facilities required. In addition, such skills have to be passed on by qualified professionals who can only offer such services in colleges and this is possible in colleges.

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The above mentioned three reasons are the common reasons on why people attend college. Evidently after college a lot of the success or failure witnessed amongst people in life after college hardly depends on what caused the person attends college.

Often it is hard to pick out for example from an organizational or workplace set up, the different types of people based on the above categorization. In most cases, one may succeed or fail in life after college irrespective of their reason for joining college. It is worth noting that other factors besides reason for attending college can determine the outcome of one’s college life.

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