What is nursing theory? Essay Paper

nursing theory
nursing theory

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What is nursing theory?

1. What is nursing theory? What is the relationship and importance of nursing theory to the discipline of nursing?:

Nursing theory is the concept that aims to establish a creative and rigorous idea reconstruction to explain the theorem or phenomena being applied in health care. This is a routine concept that supports the ideas and reference of ideas that is pointing towards nursing practice in both clinical and community setting.

The relationship and importance of nursing theory towards nursing is about the systematic organization of knowledge and skills towards health care. This is applicable towards patient advocacy by being able to provide patient care, which seeks to promote relevant health care practice in both hospital and community setting.

2. Grant theory is the process wherein there is a sociological imagination that is similar with other concept to form an abstract theory. The difference is that it is conceptualizing about the probable outcome that can be associated with its planning activity. Middle range theory is an approach that is aiming to establish collaboration, which seeks to promote social construction of practices.

In nursing perspective, the difference is about the intervention applied when the nurse is now going to apply plan into action. As for the practice theories, this how social beings uses their diverse intentions in order to accomplish certain tasks. The difference is that they always take to create a critical analysis such as evaluating the outcome of each practice.

3. Dorothy Johnson’s theory is applied for the advocating of effective and efficient behavioral functioning, which is similar with other theories that utilize emotions. The difference is about the application of psychological issues that affects nursing practice. The theory of goal attainment aims to direct nurses with the efficient application of health care between nurses and patients. The difference is about the application on interaction, perception, and communication that seeks to improve growth and development.

Estrine Levine’s theory is about the process of conservation principles in nursing, in which nursing is a continuous practice of enhancing skills and knowledge to be progressive. The difference is the concept of keeping together, which means that nursing process should be always intact regardless of what situation that the nurse and client are currently experiencing.

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4. Jean Watson applies caring theory being applied in both clinical and community practice. In contrast, it is all about the science of caring theory focusing on humanitarian caring process. Leininger’s transcultural theory is about the application of interpersonal relationship. The difference is about the cultural aspect that the nurse applies when providing care. Boykin & Schoenhofer‘s grand caring theory is a major application of clinical practice that seeks to promote nursing skills by guiding nurses. The difference is about the application of framework in nursing practice to improve client patient relationship.

5. Newman’s theory of health as expanding consciousness is the chosen theory. This supports the view of nursing profession by indicating that nursing is a continuous process. Nursing values becomes competent when nursing practice will be supported by additional insights and applications. This can be processed through trainings and seminar workshops to transform nursing practice competitive and reliable.

6. As an understanding of SDS, this is about the concept that focuses on the evolution of stress due to environmental stimuli. As a scenario in clinical setting, patients in distress who are seeking for health care service are suffering from psychological and physiological stress. Applying this model can be applied during physical assessment procedure and intervention, which enables to assess the problems and then address patient’s health care problems to prevent further injury and promotes health as related by Chinn & Kramer (2010).


Chinn, Peggy &Kramer, Maeona (2010). Integrated Theory & Knowledge Development in Nursing (8 ed.). St. Louis: Mosby. ISBN 0323077188.\

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