Using the New Pokémon Go Mobile Game

Pokémon Go Mobile Game
Pokémon Go Mobile Game

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Using the New Pokémon Go Mobile Game

Mobile gaming and technology makes users think they have seen the best possible creations until the next creations come. The Pokémon Go Mobile App released in July sixth, 2016 is an example of such games that make one realize their previous favorite game was quite mediocre. With only days in distribution, the game played on Android and Apple smartphone devices has already been downloaded by millions of players across the world The (Pokémon Company, 2016).

It is, therefore, necessary that any mobile game and video game enthusiast learns how to play this game created by the veteran video gaming company, Niantic. Therefore, the paper aims at describing the game in a simplified manner to enable gamers to play the new game.

The Pokémon game is a game that lets players from all over the world play in virtual, although real world locations like Paris, New York and places in Japan. The new game allows players to play as single gamers or many gamers, either using their smartphones or using special devices that enable controlling by vibrations called Pokémon GO Plus (Pokémon Company, 2016). The game combines simplicity of managing the complexity of battling other gamers over the Internet as one searches and fights Pokémon in their locations either alone or in teams with other gamers.

When one first plays the game, they get a chance to customize their trainer to a look that they prefer to make the game more exciting. The customized App character will appear on the screen as the play moves around the map as well as when other players visit the gym that the gamer controls (Pokémon Company, 2016). After customizing the character, one will begin playing, and as they play, they will advance in levels as they continue.

At higher levels of the game, players will have abilities to catch more Pokémon to finish their Pokédex. Gamers will also access more sophisticated items for playing at higher levels such as Great Balls that give them better chances of catching Pokémon. One can also add Pokémon in their Pokedex when they catch same Pokémon species many times, and they can also evolve one and hatch a Pokémon egg that may be found at a PokéStop.

During the game, wild Pokémon appears in places near where the player lives or around the world. For instance, in places near lakes, water type Pokémon may appear. Therefore, if the gamer is always around from home, they should be alert to catch types of Pokémon they have not seen before. Evolving Pokémon can be done by, for example, if one is having problems catching a type of Pokémon, like Poliwag in their area, they can catch the available species such as Poliwhirl and evolve them to the Poliwag.

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During the game, gamers are asked to join one of three teams. As team members, players can assign Pokémon to open gym locations in real world places. Team members will also need to coordinate to defend their gym against Pokémon attacks. Once a team is in control of a gym, the members can advance the gym level and therefore get more Pokémon to guard the Gym (Pokémon Company, 2016). Teams at higher levels will also be able to attack other gyms and take them over. By completing more challenging tasks and climbing the levels, players get more achievement medals.

To sum it up, Pokémon Go is a game like no other on the smartphone platform. The game that allows gamers to transverse both the real and virtual worlds is simple to play although with exciting tasks that get the players playing the game. The Pokémon Go is also superior to other mobile phone games as it has accessories that allow players to play without looking at their phones and therefore allow multitasking. Therefore, Pokémon Go is a game that combines elements of video games and mobile games and takes it to a level that any enthusiast can hardly resist.


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