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There is a growing need for more people to install swimming pools in their homes and this is what i wish to research on. The research question is, “Why are many people not including swimming pools in their building plans?” Answering the research questions will be very important (Maxwell, n.d)

Question one: There is need to do a qualitative study on this issue because one will get all the data and be able to compare it with other studies done. Reasons why the above situation is prevalent will also be known and solutions will be sought. But the exercise will be time consuming and one may not be able to cover a very wide area. The decisions made will also be biased towards one personal beliefs and ideas.

Question Two: There are several benefits derived from installing swimming pools in homes. People get to relax and exercise which is very important for the physical and mental development of a human being. It is also more hygienic and secure to have your own custom made swimming pool in your homestead rather than going to public places. There are those who believe that installing pools in homes will lead to cases of suicide and that they are dangerous and expensive to run and maintain. These are lies and propaganda mainly peddled by those who are backward and don’t want to spend their money on these installations. They also do not like joining gymnasiums which offer these services.

Question Three: The study will bring forth the statistics and show that many buildings which are being designed today have these installations. This is because of the large increase of heart ailments due to lack of physical exercises and this will be made very clear by the data that i will collect and the analysis that will be done.


Maxwell, J (n. d) “Designing a Qualitative Study”, P.246 (Online). Available from (Accessed on 17th April 2012)

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