A thesis statement is the foundation of any research paper. The very first thing that should come into your mind before you get down to writing your paper should always be the thesis.  Writing a paper without first crafting a coherent thesis statement is a kin to building a house without a foundation, only one thing is bound to happen to that  house, it will come tumbling down in a heap sooner rather than later and so will your essay.

A thesis statement functions as point of reference throughout the writing process. It is a perfect guide to the writer and keeps bringing you back on course every time you stray. It can be a statement that supports the idea you are expressing in the paper or trying to justify or negate a certain line of thinking.

In order to write a thesis statement that is likely to impress your supervisor you need to be equipped with a few skills. Putting both your observation and research skills into use will be very helpful. Observation skills will be useful if you intend to write a paper based on an event that you have been monitoring for a while such as a natural phenomenon like the earthquakes. By so doing you will have first hand information that is both reliable and justifiable. You will then need to bring in your research skills so that they can work hand in hand.

Your research on the best way to frame you thesis statement will now be easy since you already have back up from observation. You will be able to zero in on the most relevant sites where you are sure to find the information you require to do a good thesis statement.

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Thesis writing

Thesis writing is a fundamental skill that every student needs to start learning immediately they enroll in college. The entire process can be learnt gradually and therefore need not be rushed. Most colleges and universities introduce students to thesis writing quite early in their academic life at the college. This prepares them for the humongous task of writing their final year thesis which they will also be required to defend. If the student had waited till their final year to start learning this vital skill, they are likely to find the process to be a nightmare of some sorts.

So what is thesis writing and what does it entail? Put simply, thesis writing is a continuous process that begins the moment you step into college. It is aimed at making sure that you do not leave the college as a person who just knows but one that can also apply whatever they learnt. You get an opportunity to directly relate the theory you learnt in class to the real practice of the same.

As a skill, thesis writing will also prove valuable at your place of work. Occasionally you will be required to dig up some information on a given issue and present your findings to a panel. At this point you will be expected to be conversant with the entire procedure and little assistance will be accorded to you. That is just how critical thesis writing is.

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Thesis writing format

The format of writing a thesis is never rigid. It may be as flexible as it can get based on the prevailing circumstances and situations. Conventionally, a thesis writing format will be one based on the three major parts of a thesis namely; introduction, body and conclusion. It should be noted though that this thesis writing format, though universal can be applied to just about any paper conceivable in the academic world. This necessitates a refinement of the format to make it more befitting to be used for a paper of the magnitude of a thesis.

A good thesis writing format must contain a comprehensive thesis statement embedded in the introduction. The statement will be the embodiment of the contents of the paper as a whole. This should not be confused with the objectives of the thesis since there may be more than one objective but a thesis statement will only be one. The body will then come in and discuss among many other things, the literature that seeks to dispel the mysteries surrounding the topic of discussion, the writer’s intended approach for completion of the thesis, what he was able to find out and what the results mean in the context of the subject.

This far we can now say that the thesis writing format has worked pretty well. What will follow from here will be the concluding section and a bibliography. The bibliography bears witness to fact that you actually did the research and that the information presented is not a fabrication or a product of your own wild imagination.

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Thesis writing guide

Whenever you think of a thesis, the first thing that comes into your mind should always be the need to get it right the first time because their will probably be no second chance. In fact, you get to write that all important thesis just once in your entire graduate study time. This is with the exception of occasional assignments that come flying in every now and then.

Since the thesis is such an important final year paper, you want to give it your very best. A thesis writing guide will be necessary in ensuring that you don’t fall a victim of a false start. Remember that it has always been said that great is the art of beginning but greater is the art of finishing.  It’s only by starting your thesis well by following an infallible thesis writing guide that you will be able to finish well.

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Thesis topic ideas

Our data base at has lots of thesis topic ideas for you to consider before you settle on any particular topic you want to write. We have categorized them in a way that will be easy for you to make a decision fast enough. The thesis topic ideas are not meant to give you a topic to choose from but rather to help you quicken the process of choosing a topic. Here is how it works.

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Master’s thesis proposal

As a master’s student, you must have been an undergraduate. A master’s thesis will be an upgrade on what you had written at the lower level. The master’s thesis proposal you bet will be much more elaborate than the one you did as an undergraduate. You will need to consider a few things you did not consider back then.

Once you are through with the undergraduate work, academic work takes a slightly different course with research taking the centre stage. There is a reason why the period of time spent pursuing a master’s degree is comparatively short. It is meant to take your mind off mountains of course work assignments and condition you to think in practical terms. Your thesis will require a master’s thesis proposal that is well thought out. It has to be done in a way that will show maturity of thought.

Any master’s thesis proposal that we do at for our clients is sufficiently narrowed down to their specifications. There are instances where you come up with a nice master’s thesis proposal but it turns out to be too broad and not representative enough of what you want covered. Our work also entails helping you narrow down that master’s thesis proposal you have in mind so that it covers everything you would like covered. This should not be hard at all because we will be working with your input.

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Masters thesis ideas

There are plenty of master’s thesis ideas. You only need to be on the look out for the right sources of these ideas to avoid unnecessary pitfalls such as ending up with ideas that will lead to a dead end. As the name suggests, these are ideas that are supposed to help you generate the information that will prove vital for your thesis. From the word go, writing a thesis is always a tricky issue. You will need master’s thesis ideas for the formulation of the statement of objectives, introduction, body and conclusion.

Masters’ thesis ideas are available in many places. You can find them by reading previous thesis done by other people as long as they relate to what you are doing. Group discussions with your course mates can also turn out to be a great source of ideas that will form a foundation of your thesis. This will especially be the case if you are an active member of the group and pay keen attention to the deliberations during the meetings.

Another source of master’s thesis ideas can also be the books you read in the course of your studies. More often than not you come across, concepts in books which are so wanting in terms of coverage. The loop holes that you are able to observe can be a valuable source of ideas for your thesis since all you will need to do is build an argument around their points of inadequacy.

These are all processes that can be helpful but the easiest one would probably be getting in touch with editorial team. They will be glad to hear from you and give you the best they can.

Masters thesis writing

When you are set to start your master’s thesis writing then you know that you are set to complete the most important part of your studies. Masters thesis writing exercise sometimes comes at time when you are laden with so much to do that you can hardly be able to dedicate ample time for your paper. Juggling academic work with master’s thesis writing can be such a tall order.

At this point in time you might need to redo your schedule so as to make it accommodate all your social and academic activities. Since master’s thesis writing will always outweigh the other activities, giving it more time will not be a matter of choice but more of an obligation than anything else. You can either choose to strike this delicate balance; no matter how hard it may be or get in touch with and get to see what they can offer to make it a lot easier.

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PhD thesis proposal

We all know that PhD is the highest level of academic achievement. One outstanding feature of  studies at PhD level is the intense research that is involved. In short there is little to be done in course work and a lot to be done in research. A PhD thesis proposal is traditionally complex and quite involving to compose.

To make it easy for you to write a PhD thesis proposal you need to start by thinking of it as a series of steps, each of which will be capable of passing the scrutiny of the committee concerned before you can be able to proceed.

The hardest part will probably be getting the PhD thesis proposal approved. Once it has been Okayed then you are almost half way done with the project. The next step will be searching for relevant sources of information for the rest of the thesis. These may be either online or books. Make sure that you work closely with your professor even as you choose the books and sites you will be using to avoid unnecessary setbacks.

A very well done PhD thesis proposal will make it easy to navigate the rest of the steps since you will now be working with a rough idea of where you are headed at the back of your mind. Our company can help you decide on how fast you want your whole campaign of writing your PhD thesis to last. You can give us your order and specify the deadline that you want us to work with and we will do just that. If it happens that you have additional information you want to pass on our chat is always available for your use.