“The Piano” by Jane Campion Movie Review

"The Piano" by Jane Campion
“The Piano” by Jane Campion

The Themes and Issues on the Film “The Piano” by Jane Campion Movie Review


Film : The Piano (Jane Campion, 1993, 117m)

Readings: “What is Transnational Cinema,” Elizabeth Ezra and Terry Rowden;

“Introduction, Thinking Through the Minor Transnationally,” Françoise Lionnet and Shu-mei Shih

Read the grading rubric and assignment task carefully, then watch the film and read the reading to write~

Write a 800-word response that critically reflects on “The Piano” by Jane Campion and at least one reading from the week. Relate them to each other and connect them to the broader themes of the course. If there was no assignment last week, you may write about either this week’s or last week’s film and readings. Your response should demonstrate your understanding of both the film and the reading. Do not simply summarize the film. You must use proper citations for all sources in your response. Below are some questions to serve as prompts for reflection. You do not have to address all of these questions in your response.

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 What are the central arguments made by the films and/or the texts and how do they relate to each other?

 What social, cultural, political, or historical issues are brought into focus in the films and how?

 What themes emerge from the films or texts and how do they relate to the broader themes of the class?

 How do you personally connect to these themes or issues and how do the films and readings help you understand them in new ways?

 Describe the film language in technical terms and discuss how it frames the film’s main themes.

 Grading Rubric: Please be advised that your assignments will be graded on the following criteria:

(25 pts.) Understanding of the readings and notes: The post responds to the prompt and shows that the author has synthesized the readings and notes. When sources are required, they are used effectively and ethically.

(25 pts.) Engagement with the films: The post shows in-depth analysis and responds fluently to the weekly films by providing specific examples to support the author’s stance.

(20 pts.) Proper use of film terms: The response uses terminology appropriate to film, such as long shot, mise-en-scène, and parallel editing. Additionally, the post refers to characters and places by name and names directors, actors, and film release years.

(20 pts.) Organization and elegance of expression: The response has an overall point to make and sentences stay on topic. Paragraphs stay on topic. In other words, the response is focused. Also, it shows creativity of expression. Sentence structure varies within paragraphs to achieve various effects. The prose contributes to the persuasive appeals of the post. The writing seems natural and thoughts appear to flow into each other.

(10 pts.) Following the conventions of edited written English: The response uses proper vocabulary, sentence structure, and additional conventions of edited written English (such as verb forms and tenses, correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling). There are few to zero grammatical errors that get in the way of the author’s purpose or the reader’s understanding. Additionally, all sources are properly cited.

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