The Four Business Elements: Consultancy Report

The Four Business Elements
The Four Business Elements

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The Four Business Elements: A Consultancy Report


   Elbanna (2009) asserts that the use of the four elements concerning the business management to different corporate is considered one of the most important aspect. Nonetheless, proper and successful implementation of a business financial program requires the full application of the four famous four functions concerning the management of the business (Elbanna, 2009).

The major purpose of creating incorporate the best business ideas is to ensure that the best business ideas have been applied in parliamentary procedure to create a solid institution and production background, which is likewise run by a highly productive team (Ajmal et al., 2009). Therefore, this paper will delve on determining how the appropriate implementation of the four business elements can be employed to manage the Outdoor Adventure called Outdoor Paintball Park.

How the Four Business Elements can be used to improve the outdoor venture

    First, it is worth noting that the Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park is one of the most contemporary businesses that offer Outdoor Adventure. The appropriate adoption and the application of the business management tool is considered important, especially considering that the out adventure has continued experiencing some of the most important management inefficiencies (Rind Christensen & Klyver, 2006).

Therefore, the use of the P-L-O-C platform will help pinpoint some of the issues that have ended up affecting the company’s effective performance and how the move can improve the rate of the goal attainment (Elbanna, 2009). As a result, several issues will be covered during the recommendation stage, which includes important facts such as the;

  1. The need for devising a proper and mind blowing business statement concerning the business
  2. Creating a better way that will improve the management of scarce organizational resources such as the enactment of a  proper and a functional personnel
  3. Laying more emphasis on the need for recruiting employees through training in order to make them fit and ready to work within the new company
  4. Creation  of a proper mechanism that can be used to conduct tom improve the standard, as well as other forms of the measurable outcomes
  5. Devising a good mechanism that can pave way for the effective achievement of the organizational achievements where the members should be encouraged to use the P-L-O-C principles and practices

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The Incorporation of the Proper Planning Procedure

    First, it is imperative noting the use of a proper planning procedure is considered one of the most important aspects when it comes to devising the proper ways that can improve the business performance (Rind Christensen & Klyver, 2006). As the financial business consultant, one should understand that he/she is supposed to make sure the businesses can only be implemented through the appropriate setting of the business objectives (Elbanna, 2009).

Moreover, the consultant should also demonstrate, clearly, how the business owner(s) should come up with a proper management the set goals in a more clear and effective manner (Ajmal et al., 2009). Some of the business activities and aspects that can be improved through the appropriate use of planning procedure include;

    The setting up of a good mission and vision statement- here, it will be appropriate devising an appropriate mission and vision statement for the new company since it is clear it lacks one. Thus, some of the recommended mission and vision statement are listed below;

“The achievement of happiness among the teenagers, working teams, and the young adults, through offering the best outdoor experience, is our ultimate and final goal as the Outdoor Paintball Park Community.”

“Strive to become the leading and number one company in providing ‘refreshing’ experience of the teenagers and the young adults while becoming a leading source of livelihood to the young adults”

    The use of a clear and concise mission and vision statement can help to realign the general process of achieving the overall goals of the Outdoor Adventure. As such, it should be carried out in a more comprehensive and careful manner. In fact, this is the only way the organization will be able to meet its long-run objectives (Cobbold et al., 2004).

The Implementation of the Organizing Procedure

    The organization should go ahead with the definition of the culture. It is worth remembering that the birth of the business came as a coincidence when the three family members joined hands (Ajmal et al., 2009). Therefore, in order to achieve a good way of improving the cultures, the organization should integrate it with the themes of the mission and vision statements (Parks, 2000).

     The organizational structure should also be created where there should be a clear distinction of each and everyone’s role. The proper implementation of such procedures will help eliminate issues such as the development of conflict during the business development stage (Parks, 2000). Each member should be given the overall authority of achieving certain strategic objectives in order to avoid a collision.

The Incorporation of the Leadership Skills

    It is an imperative noting Outdoor Adventure lacks a proper mechanism of defining its leadership hierarchy. Thus, the move has the potential of affecting not only the lowly ranked employees but also the target and potential customers (Cobbold et al., 2004). Therefore, in order to improve the leadership skills, the company should emphasize on the need to providing constant training and undertaking of seminars for the employees who are in the leadership positions.

The move will help expand their mind on how they can handle a diverse workplace and customers (Parks, 2000). As a result, the move will help meet their satisfaction. The other employees should also be empowered, through training them regularly, in order to promote their independent thinking to promote the organization (Cobbold et al., 2004).

The use Control Procedure

    The Outdoor Adventure will need to devise a proper way that will be used to define standards, as well as measure the achievement of the target results. The move will make the achievement of the appropriate objectives are highly achievable. For instance, it can make of instruments such as the balanced scorecard (Chavan, 2009). According to Chavan (2009), the use of the use an instrument will help to translate the laid strategies, mission, and vision into a reality.


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