The death penalty and other issues concerning crime and punishment

The death penalty and other issues concerning crime and punishment
The death penalty and other issues concerning crime and punishment

The death penalty and other issues concerning crime and punishment

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The death penalty and other issues concerning crime and punishment, e.g. Prisoners rights’; torture

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The death penalty and other issues concerning crime and punishment


Crime and the general conduct that is considered criminal are frowned upon in every jurisdiction. Such behavior has always been viewed as conduct unbecoming, and those who have been involved or suspected to have been involved have had to pay for such conduct with their lives or freedom. They have also been victimized and shunned away by the other members of the society. In an effort to reduce and hopefully eradicate these antisocial behavioral mannerisms, the state has come up with various acts that are considered a crime in addition to prescribing the punishment for each act.

The punishments meted out are meant to be commensurate with the offensive conduct and are meant to have several effects on different groups of people. The most common measure is to be punitive for the deviant and to act as deterrence for the rest of the members of the society. These punitive measures have undergone a lot of changes with the advent of human rights and other movements that seek to promote forgiveness, understanding and embracing the deviants. There have also been a lot of changes in the way that conducts that were once frowned upon as deviant have been accepted and legalized.

Some of the conduct that was once viewed as unacceptable and punishable such as gay and other forms of queer mannerisms have been accepted and promoted in a bid to embrace the unique nature of every human. This, however, varies per jurisdiction. The involvement of human rights organisations and other movements have emerged to advocate for the rights of those regarded as criminals. These rights are applied at every stage of their lives, the arrest, and prosecution, their lives during committal and service of the sentence and finally their lives after serving time. 

This paper focuses on the general aspect of crime and punishment in different jurisdictions as they vary with religious and social beliefs, as do the treatment of persons from the point of investigations, arrest, trial and finally committal. The rights of the prisoners have long been neglected as they are considered pariahs in the society. This paper is analytical of the plight of prisoners and the sentences they face in addition to exposing the human rights issues that are to be addressed in the plights of prisoners’ rights.

Crime and punishment

Crime is defined as an act that infringes on the law and therefore punishable. This broad description covers the significant aspect of what crime entails although it is worth noting that some crimes are not against people per se. These actions or omissions result in the suffering of persons. As a general duty of the state and its agencies to guard and protect its citizens, any infringement of the same attracts certain penalties to the perpetrator. Such penalties are out in the criminal laws. These punishments are meant to ensure justice for the victims (Friedman and Percival, 2017). It is also for the maintenance of law and order.

The forms of punishment vary per jurisdiction. These forms are however general, ranging from the death penalty for the offenses considered capital to the payment of fines and community service for petty offences. Some offences are minor to the extent that the penalties given to them are contemptuous, such as offering an apology or even being let off with a warning (John, 2013). In pronouncing the penalties, several factors are usually given due consideration by the judicial officers, apart from the crime committed. Such factors include age, gender and the extenuating factors that led to the commission or omission of the said offence.

The general purpose of punishment has been a subject of research as many governments have dedicated resources to finding the best way to deal with this issue. New studies are being conducted and policies being formulated with the core purpose of finding a way to effectively prevent criminal conduct (Matthews and Young, 2013).  In this quest to find a balancing ground, several issues have been addressed such as the rights of the victims vis a vis those of the prisoners and the quest for justice to all. Although the rights of the prisoners have always taken a back stage since as the perpetrators or alleged perpetrators their absence in the society is most welcomed.

The inclusion of social mechanics of the society has had a great impact on the development of this area of practice of crime and punishment. The involvement of human rights organisations and the community as well as the introduction of acceptance in the forms of punishment. These changes have come up through various means, such as vide a court process, for the right of Muslim inmates to grow a beard to the right against torture, enshrined in the Convention against Torture and other forms of Degrading Treatment. These rights are accorded to the prisoners regardless of the magnitude of crimes they committed.

In a nutshell, the punishment prescribed for certain conduct is laid out in law. These are made to ensure that uniformity is achieved in the criminal justice system. In ensuring that justice is done, the prisoners are accorded some basic rights such as healthcare, the practice of their religious beliefs, visitation rights and much more. The treatment of prisoners and their respective rights have improved but still considered as degrading in certain instances.

Death penalty. Since time immemorial, the death penalty has been used as a form of punishment for those offences deemed capital. It was common to be sentenced to death when one kills or commits an abominable act. This practice is however lost its prominence as some jurisdictions have abolished the act and others; though have it as a punitive provision in their laws, rarely put it into practice (Garland, 2014). The uprising by some religious and human rights organisations in condemning this form punishment has yielded a lot of positive feedback. These organizations argue that life is sacrosanct and hence should be respected. They are against the practice of killing as a form of punishment for crimes that considered serious……

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