The Art of War: Module Assessment

The Art of War
The Art of War

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The Art of War

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Your Module-I Assessment Requirement is to write/submit an essay which answers all of the following questions:

1. What do Clausewitz and Sun Tzu say about war’s nature in The Art of War? How does that relate to their views on war’s purpose?

2. How does each theorist advise victory is best achieved? What role does the “center of gravity” play in victory? How and why do the theorists differ from each other in their choice of centers of gravity?

3. What, if any, place do the theorists give the people and popular passion during war? What is the proper relationship of a general and a political ruler in war?

4. According to Clausewitz and Sun Tzu, what challenges are inherent to war?

Use approximately one page, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-pitch font, to answer each question, not to exceed five pages total for your essay. You should see this essay as an opportunity to show what you have learned about these two foundational war theorists and to demonstrate your understanding of some of the key concepts they introduce.

This is not a research paper. Your reference materials for this essay (and all S&W essays) are limited to the lectures and readings provided. Since all S&W students are drawing from this common well of resources, a works cited list/bibliography is not required and you can use informal, internal-parenthetical citations for any references – i.e. (Clausewitz, p. 80).

When writing an S&W essay, it is a good practice to assume that the reader has read all of the same sources and viewed all of the same videos as you. Therefore, it is not necessary to re-narrate the story.

Please note, for the Module-I essay, you are not required to have a single controlling thesis, nor are you required to include a counter argument. You will have to do both of these for the Module-II and Module-III essays because those questions will require a more structured, analytical type of writing.

Each question 1 page essay

You must read and cite; Carl Von Clausewitz ON WAR and Sun Tzu THE ART OF WAR

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The art of war

The nature of war

Carl Von Clausewitz epitomizes war as an occurrence that is guided by political motives and that the soldiers involved are just but puppets responding to the whims and wishes of the political elite. He further narrows it down to the role of the commander in the battle field who is limited by the resources at hand and the circumstances presented by the state. His definition of war is essentially constricted to the combat in the battle field as he describes the same as the main essence of the war (Clausewitz, p. 7). It focuses on the role of the commander in the application of the limited resources in the battle field to the general outcome of the war (Clausewitz, p. 136)

Sun Tzu on the other hand views war as a process that needs to be meticulously planned, from the collection of intelligence information to the arrangement in the battle field. In his opinion, Sun Tzu regards a bloodless war as the best. However, if the circumstances mean that the war has to culminate into battle, then the ability of the soldiers to transform and adapt to the changing circumstances makes all the difference in the battle field (Sun Tzu, p. 23).

The purpose of the war therefore in Clausewitz’s opinion is the satisfaction of the wishes of the political elite who are civilians in most cases but conferred with the honor of being the Commander in Chief in addition to the cause in shift of the various policies in politics as well as economy. This therefore results in the unfulfilled purposes of the said war due to the limited resources. In Sun Tzu’s view however, the purpose of war is to conquer the enemy without the use of violence. The essence of fighting in his view is not necessary.

Victory in war

Clauswitzerian concept of how victory is achieved in any war is the increase in numbers of the troops and their swift action in the annihilation of the enemy troops (Clausewitz, p. 142). This strategy involves the outpouring of soldiers in larger numbers at once o within the shortest period of time and their swift action in combat against the said opponent. Sun Tzu on the other hand relies on strategy that involves the collection of intelligence reports as to the opponent’s abilities, making plans that would counter them and the implementation of the same with little or no bloodshed involved (Sun Tzu, p.42). This involves the use of spies as well as the terrain to gain advantage over the other side….

The Art of War

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