The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide
The Armenian Genocide

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The Armenian Genocide

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3. The Armenian Genocide
Please review the Week 2 Learning Resource “The Armenian Genocide” and discuss the extent to which this event resulted from long standing hostilities as opposed to the immediate circumstances of the war. Please note that the link for this resource opens a general summary of the events. You should also read the “Chronology” and perhaps some of the “Documents.”

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The Armenian Genocide Essay

Long standing hostilities to a significant extent perpetrated the Armenian genocide as opposed to the immediate war circumstances. A historical review of factors preceding the genocide reveals that there was a buildup of political, social, cultural and religious division that had existed for centuries between Armenians and the Turks. The Armenians despite being part of the Ottoman Empire were discriminated against and considered a threat to the Empire which was predominantly Muslim. The Armenians albeit being discriminated still managed to become successful both economically and socially, further leading to distrust by the Turks who were constantly frustrating their efforts (Hovannisian, 2016).

The Armenian genocide was planned long before World War I and this is an indication that the Young Turks had already envisioned the execution of the Armenians. The war only acted as a disguise and as noted by Genocide Museum (2016), the genocide was planned between 1911 and 1912 before the war began (Genocide Museum, 2016). The religious divide in the Ottoman Empire can be established as one of the major causes of tension between the Armenians and the Turks.

The Ottoman Empire was predominantly Islam and while the government claimed to provide equal opportunities for all, people from ‘inferior’ religions were subjected to various oppressive conditions including social and financial restrictions such as poll taxes in exchange for tolerance (Hovannisian, 2016). It was clear that the Armenian population was considerably discriminated based on their religious affiliation but despite this, the Armenians went on to prosper and this created wariness and resent among the Turkish neighbors (Safrastyan, 2015).

This created both social and political tension, more so when the Armenians sought equal to establish their own independence, self-assertion and protection in the midst of hostility from the Turkish government (Suny, 2009). The Turks were ravening to block the ascent of the Armenians and their lingering resentment for the Armenians led them to plan the genocide……

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