Terms and Conditions

Thanks for letting me know about your availability What I would like is terms and conditions for a job website called ‘job-hunters-technology’ Our website will be doing what this website will be doing so out terms and conditions needs to similar but built from the ground up specifically for our website. Please do not copy otherwise the likes of google will ‘slap us on the wrist’ which will not do, and will not get ranked. ‘content is king’ so they say. The sections are broken down into sections
1. General Terms
2. Advertiser Terms
3. Post an Ad Advertiser Terms
4. Shortlist Terms
5. Partner terms All the above is around 2600 words. Please see link how it is divided: https://www.adzuna.co.uk/terms-and-conditions.html#general_terms Privacy Policy This is about 650 words Please seek link for guidance; https://www.adzuna.co.uk/privacy-policy.html I think the above has given you a general of idea of what we are looking for. If you need anymore guidance then please contact me.

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