Term Papers

Term Papers

Term papers should be 2000-2500 words in length. If your word processing program provides a word count, please append it to your paper. If not, aim for 8-10 double-spaced pages, with 65 characters per line. (Using a monospace font, e.g. Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, or Courier New, that allows you to fix the number of characters per inch.)

Your term papers may take the form of a standard essay, or of a book review. Below you will find examples of appropriate essay topics and books for review. You may, of course, write on other topics, or consider other books, but check with your instructor, as papers on topics or on books not well suited to the course will not be graded.

Note that good writing matters. A poorly organized, awkwardly phrased, sloppily punctuated paper could receive 20 per cent less than one showing no more knowledge, but well written.

All term papers should be submitted in two forms: in hard copy, to be graded and returned with comments, and electronically, submitted to turnitin.com. You will be advised how to submit your papers to Turnitin. Note that students’ papers that are submitted to Turnitin become part of the Turnitin database. However, you have the right to request that your paper(s) not be run through the student papers database of Turnitin. If you choose to do so, that request must be communicated to the instructor by Jan. 21.

Some Suitable Topics for Essays

For those who would like to do standard essays, topics must be suitable to the course, but may vary widely. Below you will find examples of appropriate essay topics. You may, of course, write on other topics, but check with your instructor or G.A. before beginning, as essays on topics not well suited to the course will not be graded.

Adoption Policies and Societal Values
Aftereffects of Divorce
Conservative (Liberal, Radical, Feminist) Views of the Family
Anthropological Views of North American Courtship
Courtship Under a ‘Free-choice’ System
History of North American (Western, etc.) Courtship
Demographic Change in the Canadian Family
Effects of Economic Change on the Family
Issues in Two Earner Families
Chinese (Italian, Lebanese, etc.) Families in Canada
Family Income Support Policies
Interfaith (Interethnic, Interracial) Marriages
Issues in Public Child Care Policy
Issues in Child Custody Following Divorce
Theories of Family Communication
Theories of Family Functioning
Theories of Marital Adjustment
Theories of Partner Selection
Views of the Future of the Family





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