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Broken Seeds Still Grow is a major collaboration between Nava Dance Theatre Co-Founder and Artistic Director Nadhi Thekkek, and Painter and Calligrapher Rupy C. Tut. It examines one of the most formative events in recent cultural history, the 1947 Part.

Attend one of the following types of concert:a concert which provides music with a strong ethnic or tribal influencesMusic should demonstrate either pure cultural influences, or show how the fusion of “western” styles and instruments have effected the performance.


A classical music event (symphony orchestra concert, opera, etc.)

Even if you are not sure whether a particular even qualifies, be sure to check with me BEFORE YOU GO TO THE EVENT.

A written report must include the following:

  • A general analysis of the concert pieces (see below)What was the style for each of the pieces performed?
  • An in-depth look at a single piece from the concert.
  • What was the instrumentation of the orchestra/ensemble?
  • Did you enjoy the concert? Why or why not?

Comment on the different types of instruments or singing styles, and appearance of the performers.

Email the following support materials to instructor:

ENSEMBLE SEATING DIAGRAM: Draw out the seating arrangement of the instruments in the ensemble.

TICKET STUB: Write your name on the ticket stub.

PRINTED PROGRAM. Get this at the concert.

In the Assignment Materials section/Upload Assignment page, type your answer into the text box or upload your file. (Please check with your professor if you are unsure of which method to use.) When you are ready, click Submit to send your answer to your instructor.

Comment on the different types of instruments or singing styles, and appearance of the performers7.

IF YOU ATTEND A CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT: ANALYZE the pieces played during the concert.
Give a basic overview of each piece i.e, name, style, etc.Then focus on a single piece for in-depth analysis.

Consider any of the following criteria:

  • Unity and Variety
  • Form of the Music
  • Tempo
  • Volume
  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Historical Period

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This is a dance performance that infuses the dance form of Bharatanatyam and the miniature painting inspired by classical Indian art. This piece, created by Nadhi and Rupy is about the 1947 partition of the countries presently known as India and Pakistan and the devastation it cause to the two main regions of Punjab and Bengali. The inspiration drawn from the performance of this piece is the zeal and desire to overcome the challenges that are faced in the face of a major life event and rising up to triumph.

The partition marks a major event in Indian history as it caused the displacement of more than 15 million in addition to causing the death of over 1 million. This is in addition to the devastation it caused due to the religious rivalry that characterized the said partition.


This dance performance explores the strength that characterizes humans and their zeal to prevail despite the circumstances. The use of a classical Indian dance of Bharatanatyam in addition to visual art to capture the pomp and color Indian tradition is synonymous with. The dance features the effects of hatred towards a minority in our midst and the ripple effect it has on the outcome. The 1947 partition was as a result of the differences between the Hindu and the Muslim of India and the constant discriminatory practices that saw the latter suffer injustice.

The same kind of discrimination has and is still being witness in the United States with the target being the minority groups due to the 9/11 incident and the heightened political situation (Farber, 2015). It embraces the use of the exotic and classical southern Indian dance of Bharatanatyam, to bring authenticity to the piece as its main focus is the Indian history…..

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