Employee Monitoring Essay Assignment

Employee Monitoring
Employee Monitoring

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Employee Monitoring

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Summarize the different monitoring technologies and explain the importance of an employee monitoring policy.

  • The first is telephone monitoring
  • Next would be email monitoring
  • The next would be video surveillance
  • The next is GPS monitoring
  • The final form is the use of software

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Employee Monitoring

Summarize the different monitoring technologies (Mishra and Crampton, 2017).

Telephone monitoring

The passive GSM interception technology is placed between the mobile and the GSM providers. It interlinks the calls to a common base transceiver location that enables one to decrypt the messages being sent. Contrariwise, the IMSI catchers allow the mobile phone information to be accessed without the information of the user. Finally, the mobile phone location monitoring indicates the location of person using the phone.

Email monitoring

The use of encryption to protect the emails that ae being send by the employees. The encryption deals with scrambling the message from the sender and unscrambling when the receiver gets it. Conversely, the use of magnetic tape in the computer system makes sure that the electronic mail is protected.

Video surveillance

The cameras are either located at noticeable areas or secretly in areas where they cannot be seen. The devices ae used to monitor horseplay, safety hazards, and employee pilferage.

GPS monitoring

The GPS photo tagger is used to indicate the exact location of when the photo is being taken. On the other hand, GPS tracker are used in positioning of employees wherever they are at a particular time. Finally, the Radio frequency beacon are interlinked on devices to safeguard them…..

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