Coca Cola social cause Essay

Coca Cola social cause
Coca Cola social cause

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Coca Cola social cause

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*Use the same organization as in previous weeks’ projects “Coca Cola”. Over the last five weeks, you have completed a great deal of research regarding your chosen organization. Based on what you’ve learned, you’ve identified a social cause that you believe fits nicely with your organization’s ethical culture. For your last assignment, you will compile this information into a presentation appropriate to be presented to your organization’s senior management.

*Note. You may leverage your previously completed assignments as you compose your final presentation. However, material should not just be copied and pasted. Material should demonstrate continued development based on your study in the course.

Coca Cola social cause


*Summarize your chosen global, publicly traded organization “Coca Cola”. Who is it? What does it do? Who does it do it to?
*Propose the social cause for your organization and how it supports the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
*Analyze the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). How does your proposed social cause support the strengths and opportunities of your organization while helping your organization to overcome its weaknesses and threats.
*Assess the ethical principles and frameworks used in making your selection. Include a discussion of the internal and the external impacts you expect to make with this choice.

Coca Cola social cause

*Evaluate any ethical challenges this social cause might present to your employees.
*Justify why it is important for your organization to actively participate in a CSR program and promote a global citizenship effort, including the contribution of the proposed social cause.
*Prepare a 12 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that highlights each of the topics outlined above. You should use the notes section of each slide in the PowerPoint presentation to provide the supported (citations) details for your presentation. The slides should provide the key ideas for your executive audience.

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