Marketing Strategies

In today’s business environment, obtaining well-planned and flawlessly executed marketing strategies is vital for prosperity, attracting, and retaining more customers.

Marketing strategies
Marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies

In today’s business environment, obtaining well-planned and flawlessly executed marketing strategies is vital for prosperity, attracting, and retaining more customers. Although marketers have, in the recent past, shifted to one-to-one strategies, Nunes & Merrihue (2007) argue that such approaches may be insufficient. Their insufficiency is based on the fact that they require a considerable upfront investment, including implementing software applications for managing customer relations. Additionally, Nunes & Merrihue (2007) indicated that such marketing approaches are time-consuming and necessitate coordination of multiple parts of the organization.

These requirements can be daunting for companies that seek to remain highly reactive to a rapidly changing environment and have been associated with disappointing results due to improper integration of their use with the corporate strategy (Nunes & Merrihue, 2007). Nonetheless, several alternative solutions exist that may boost company sales, feature product value, and facilitate a brand’s growth. Among these solutions are mass marketing strategies that companies should use to grab the attention of the customers.

The first mass marketing strategy that companies should use in grabbing the consumers’ attention entails leveraging social media and other online platforms. Using social media and online marketing platforms, companies would have an environment in which they share pictures and videos regarding their products and further engage their customers through comments and feedback. This engagement with customers would foster building brand loyalty and further elevate customer service (Indeed Career Guide, 2020). For instance, by posting videos of the production process and images of the finished product, companies would grab the consumers’ attention and urge them to check out other varieties available in their outlets in distinct locations

Close to social media marketing, blogging would serve as a second strategy suitable for organically attracting customers online and delivering high-quality and educational content. Companies should provide relevant content/details to help their customers make appropriate buying decisions or learn about other services offered.

Similarly, guest blog writers may be featured to authenticate and confirm the value of the products offered within a specific company (Indeed Career Guide, 2020). Alternatively, companies can write posts that address questions from the most technical to the most fundamental issues and showcase practical answers for their readers. For instance, when introducing a new product/solution to the market, a company may write a blog, including pictures and videos, on how it works and the problems it is intended to address.  

SEO Marketing Strategies

The third option that may be appropriate for mass marketing in today’s business environment entails applying and maximizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When consumers search online for a specific product, keywords and phrases facilitate locating the item, availability, price, and other relevant information. Therefore, companies should ensure that their websites or product pages feature keywords and phrases that place them in the first few pages of search engines such as Google.

The effective use of keywords in their website or product page would suffice to answer the consumers’ inquiries, provide test titles that pique user’s interests, offer comprehensive material, and further inform the audience about more products or details (Indeed Career Guide, 2020). For instance, a company selling a unique beauty product online should use specific keywords in creating content about the item, which allows consumers to learn about its availability, uses, price, and other relevant details.

Even though other unique and equally effective mass marketing strategies exist, these three approaches would play a fundamental role in reaching a large population of potential consumers and retaining them based on their customer service contentment. 


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