The Lighthouse Project Assignment

The Lighthouse Project
The Lighthouse Project

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The Lighthouse Project


The Lighthouse project was initiated by a self-help group. It entails the giving new faces on existing apartments on principles that are environmentally sustainable to offer permanent accommodation for individuals that are vulnerable with special needs. With an aim of preservation of health through HIV therapy and substitution, the residents are provided a wide range of social, medical as well as training opportunities.

Description of the Project


The Lighthouse project aims at offering high quality accommodation opportunities with the necessary social support for individuals that are homeless and are suffering from HIV/ AIDS, mental problems, and drug addiction problems.

The Lighthouse project has been described as one of the most prominent projects of its own kind across the globe. In March 2000, the project opened its first apartment. Currently, it is providing accommodation to over 60 individuals through its renovated apartments in Vienna. It is great importance to note that the refurbishment of these structures is done using principles that are environmentally sustainable.

Most of these apartments were in poor condition and the owner had leased them at no charge as he could not afford to renovate them completely. The Lighthouse project managers resolved to use phases to improve the property. The renovation costs have been kept significantly lower compared to the cost of similar buildings across Vienna due to the careful design of the structures and use of volunteers.

The renovation process involves installation of new windows, revamping of the street front wall, use of active and passive solar systems, sound and heat installation, and lastly installation of energy and water systems. The inhabitants take part in the process by individually designing their living spaces using colors and materials. Care is provided to make sure that the residences do not have the environment of a shelter for the destitute persons.

Next, the project concentrates its efforts on putting an end to crime, health preservation through provision of HIV therapy, counseling of drug addicts, prostitution, social, and psychiatric stabilization.

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Why is the Lighthouse project Innovative?

Some of the reasons that have been pointed out the innovation of this project include;

  • It is the only accommodation project in Australia that specifically addresses the needs of persons suffering from HIV and AIDS,
  •  Concentrates more on health conservation instead of detoxification and reducing dependency,
  • Refurbishment involves use of environmentally sustainable techniques,
  • Has developed integrative care support concept, which hinders residents from moving from one place to another seeking support.

What is the impact of the Lighthouse project on the environment?

The project entails adaptive re-use of existing buildings. The constructors re-use some of the demolition materials from the buildings such as doors and bricks and the floors have not been replaced but renovated. The project also refrains from using materials that could be of possible harm to the residents. Internal areas are greened to promote the creation of a healthy microclimate.

In addition, the Lighthouse project involves recycling of grey water for plant watering and flushing of toilets. All basic hot water requirements are provided through solar thermal installation. The residents are also guided on energy saving techniques, high efficiency appliances, and sensor lights. All emissions caused by oil, coal, and wood were eliminated through a district heating system connection.

Is the project financially sustainable?

The organization’s work is funded by a number of sources such as the Revenue Funding Support (RFS) provided by Social Service System (SSS) in Australia. Its achievement has further attracted new supporters including banks, church organization, large companies, and Rotary Club.

Residents are advised to make financially sound decisions so as to increase their income. For instance they are encouraged to buy annual bus passes which are cheaper hence avoiding the problem of being arrested and fined every now and then for not paying bus fare. Majority of these inhabitants are very vulnerable and take several years before they acquire full-time jobs. However, those who are more stable are offered education after which they are assisted in finding work. There is no limit on the duration of stay in the apartment, although residents who become stable are encouraged to shift to the external flats while continue to receive support.

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Social Impact of the Project

The project’s primary goal is to encourage individuals who are on the edge of the society to engage in mainstream activities of the society again. Residents are offered social support so that they can gain from the benefit support system and enjoy the benefits such as medical care that they are entitled to. The project managers further organize appointments with job centers, doctors, and public authorities. The project contacts wishing residents to their families and friends. Support workers make regular visits to the apartments.

Live-in staff is also positioned in areas where residents are more vulnerable and less stable. The residents are given targets and a timeframe of achieving them. One of these targets is reduction of dependency on substitutes of medical drugs and achieving independent accommodation. Independence is steadily attained until the inhabitants are deemed stable enough to acquire their own apartments.

Occasionally, residents have been subjected to resistance by inhabitants in the apartment block after relocation. The organization has been taken to court more than five times by inhabitants who attempt to evict the residents. However, the resistance lasts for a short time, not more than three years. Some neighbors are friendly enough and are willing to help the project.

The residents have been enrolled in a flexible financial management system that ensures they do not spend their monthly income within three days only. Money is handed out daily, weekly or fortnightly depending on each resident’s personal ability with a goal of attaining independent financial management. The residents are provided with important training that equip them with appropriate skills for job application or starting their own jobs. Moreover, excursions, trips, and activities of leisure time encourage these inhabitants to have confidence in themselves and acquire essential life skills.

The health of these vulnerable individuals has also been improved significantly through food provision, medical aid, and 24-hour support system. Significant increase in health has also been realized due to the introduction of drug management regimes. For instance, in 2004 five patients with hepatitis C were cure as a result of psychiatric and social stabilization of the residents. The residents are also assured of greater safety in the apartments unlike in their previous street life. The residence of these inhabitants is also integrated strategically into existing inhabited areas, away from urban centers where the residents can gain easy access to the drugs.

Challenges of the Project

The major challenge that the Lighthouse project has faced is massive resistance experienced in the first three years of its commencement in Vienna City, the neighbors, and the authorities. However, the opposition has since been prevailed over and both the City of Vienna and the neighbors have acknowledged that the project is a serious and essential venture.

Lessons Learned from the Lighthouse Project

  • Individuals with drug problems have substantial problems before progressing into drug addicts. These problems have to be solved first for them to be stabilized. It is nearly impossible to stabilize them without solving their initial problems
  • Survival is secured by structured decisions. For instance, denying unstable residents large sums of money decreases the number of overdoses.
  • Attractive residential places promote stabilization by the clients who will endeavor to take care of it
  • For rules to be observed, they should be simple and clear
  • Everyone is different. Among drug addicts there individuals that are quite reserved. Such individuals have to be advised to accept help. They need to be constantly reminded that there are boundaries to what is feasible and possible. This project has always sorted to using different approaches for different individuals.
  • Take people seriously and respect them. Compassion is an important determinant of stabilization for those persons that are not strong enough.

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Project Evaluation

Careful and regular internal surveillance is conducted on the organization’s activities. The assessment studies have revealed that inhabitants live healthier and longer, both mentally and physically after enrolling in the Lighthouse project. The levels of prostitution and crime have shown a considerable increase and the City of Vienna has concentrated its efforts to better the condition of the homeless individuals by encouraging the Lighthouse project managers and others to establish more shelters for the homeless.


Lighthouse project is a non-profit social project that works to provide shelter and housing to substance dependency people who are HIV positive and are kept out of state owned housing centers because of their HIV status and drug addiction. It works with a lot of efforts to provide housing and also daily affairs and requirements to this group in the society. This project is in Vienna and was founded in the year 2003. This body operates under the management of a professional team that consists of social workers, drug counselors, life coaches, cleaners, psychotherapists, mediator, general practitioner, nurses, civilian servants and internships (Hawdon & Kleiman, 2011).

 In country Azerbaijan, the National policy and legislation have taken into account the needs and interests of injecting drug addicts and prisoners and safeguard access to wide-ranging HIV treatment and care services. A balance has been struck with efficient and evidence based interventions so as to safeguard the quality of life of drug users and the society at large through measures that lessen harm (Hawdon & Kleiman, 2011). 

The differences between country Azerbaijan and the Light house project on the treatment of people who are drug addicts and live with HIV virus

The lighthouse project works on four kinds of groups in the society unlike the drug addiction treatment program that works on only one group of individuals in the society. The lighthouse project works on the homeless that it provides with housing and shelter facilities. It also works on the persons living with HIV and AIDS to whom it gives medical care, diagnoses, therapy and even counseling. This body also serves individuals who have drug and substance dependency to whom it provides care and rehabilitation services.

Moreover, the lighthouse also focuses on the people living with hepatitis and psychiatric disorders to which they offer diagnosis, therapies, care and treatment. The drug addiction treatment program, unlike the lighthouse project, only works on one kind of group in the society. This is the group of people who are drug and substance addicts. This body only does the treatment and rehabilitations programs to this group of people.

The lighthouse project of Vienna provides housing and shelter facilities to the homeless and the needy. The body has apartments that are furnished specially for the homeless, the sick and the drug addicts under rehabilitation process. The lighthouse is reported to possess an apartment with the capacity of more than 60 individuals. The houses in the apartment are well furnished to suit the special requirements of the needy and the sick individuals.

Different from all these, the drug addiction treatment program in Azerbaijan do not offer accommodation services to their patients. They only offer treatment and rehabilitation services to the patients who are only the people who are under serious drug and substance addiction.

The light house project standard and keen internal assessment is conducted in the organizations activities. The evaluations have indicated that the inhabitants lead a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically hence they live longer. Some members have already shifted to living independently which they are satisfied with and the crime levels and drug use have reduced considerably, while in Azerbaijan, the studies show that there has been noted an increased rate of the use of drugs spread among people as some are sex workers who believe they enjoy sex better while on a drug (Mathers et al., 2010). Also use of injection syringes has contributed to increasing number of people getting infected with the virus.

In the light house project there are efforts to help people solve their problems. People who are addicted to drugs have faced substantial troubles and in order to stabilize their tribulations should be solved unlike Azerbaijan where no efforts have been made to get closer to the people so as to gain a better understanding of their reasons for doing such things. People dealing with their own issues the best ways they can has made them get lost in the abuse of those drugs which connects to the spread of the virus as they inject themselves with syringes.

In the light house project crucial decisions are made for the beneficiaries such as reducing the opportunity for them to have a lot of money at any moment which is meant to ensure that their number of doses are regulated, unlike in Azerbaijan where people have their accounts pooled with amounts of money and since there is no restriction to drugs, they may spend as they wish given that these drugs are easily available near them (Degenhardt & Hall, 2012).

In the light house project, at least the most in need persons have been considered first given that resources may not be actually enough to cater for all who have needs but such as these have been provided with the optimum help possible. The residence has been made beautiful to encourage the clients to stabilize and take care of them. In the Azerbaijan, even the least privileged people have not yet had an access to the help of the nation to such offers as of light house project.

Everyone is different and this is still the case to people who take drugs. Thus they should be advised to accept help although some are usually very vulnerable but they have to be reminded that there are boundaries to what is possible and achievable. The light house project tries to find an individual approach that is unique to each person in order to help them change and improve their lifestyles. Taking people seriously, taking notice of them as well as respecting them. Empathy is very key in helping those who are weak to stabilize.

When you look at Azerbaijan the case is very different. There has not been any effort to get closer to the people so that they may have a deeper understanding of the issues affecting the people (Sharg et al., 2011). This means therefore the efforts made would just but be a waste of resources since they are not focused on the individual needs of the affected persons.

The apartments provided by the light house project are integrated into existing residential areas not near the urban drug markets meaning that the residents are able to live in much greater safety than the previous life in the streets. This also ensures that they do not have quick access to drug supplies hence playing a role in decreasing their drug abuse. When we check on the case of Azerbaijan, since people live in the areas they want to, which could also be in towns centers or near urban areas, their access to drugs is very open thus increasing their vulnerability (Joint United Nations Programme, 2011).

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Similarities of the light house project and country Azerbaijan on the treatment of people living with HIV

In both the light house and the Azerbaijan there have been efforts to make public awareness of the fast spreading majoring on the youths. People have been made aware of the possible ways in which the virus is spread to increase the probability of people being in a position to take better care of themselves. For example in Azerbaijan there has been conferences held where the youth got into a forum and they were talked to on the many ways the virus spreads while also being encouraged to be on their guard.

In both the light house project and country Azerbaijan there are efforts to prohibit the discrimination of persons that are drug users. In many areas severally people who abuse drugs and live with the virus have faced a lot of challenges due to people refusing live and work with them. Efforts to enlighten the public are being considered so that they can be able to accommodate these people as fellows in the society (World Population Prospects, 2012).

The Lighthouse project and the drug addiction treatment program face a similar problem of resistance from the potentially needy people. Some of the people who are described by these bodies to be potential candidate for the care and treatment services literally reject the offer of help made to them. This is so because some of them feel discriminated and belittled by getting a call for the free care and treatment services.

Most of these people feel ashamed and financially discriminated to give in to the call of tree health care services and the drug addiction treatment services. The HIV positive suffer stigmatization because of this and hence become bold less to give in for the treatment and care programs. Similarly, the drug addicts always have the doubts of the loyalty of the treatment centers. They always feel like it is a trap into the hands of the police if they give in the calls for the free treatment.

In both light house and Azerbaijan, people have been greatly encouraged to use protective means during sex to reduce the probability of spread of the virus. Use of condoms for example can be of great importance in reducing the spread of the virus. Also refusing to share syringes when they take drugs is also part of what has been emphasized.

In both the light house and Azerbaijan there have been seminars and workshops that are opened to anybody willing to attend and they are aimed at strengthening prevention activities. Through these seminars and workshops, people are educated and enlightened by professionals on the ways of drugs negatively impact their lives. People are allowed to ask questions which are answered frankly and elaborated and they are supplemented with films concerning drug abuse.

It is so evident that both the lighthouse project and the drug addiction program face a difficult and tough encounter with the police during the course of their work. The police have been reported to be one of the most serious drug trafficking bodies in both Vienna and Azerbaijan. These two bodies face similar challenges confronting and challenging the police departments over involvement in drug and substance trafficking. The police are always hidden under the law in the name of being called law enforcers. They get involved in sales and transportation of drugs and substances and always become so difficult to curb because if anything, who dares to question the transparency of the law enforcing body? (Hawdon  & Kleiman, 2011).

In both the light house and Azerbaijan, regardless in the difference in their services, there has been efforts in providing treatment advisory services to them that are addicted to drugs. Due to the fact that poverty is a major contributor to people moving into sex work, the light house and the Azerbaijan are in the efforts of generating funds to move to the local people as well as help them focus on income generating projects in order to improve their living standards (WHO, 2012).

Another similarity is that both the lighthouse project of Vienna and the drug addiction treatment program of Azerbaijan have common involvement of the federal police bodies in the attempt to combat drug and substance trafficking. The lighthouse project has collaboration with the police body who are involved in searching and arresting the drug traffickers. They also function in investigating some of the bodies that are suspected to be involved in drug and substance trafficking. Similarly, in Azerbaijan there is a police unit that works to fight against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. They also invade the drug collection and distribution bases and destroy the drugs and also arrest the suspects found.

These two bodies both face the pressure from political leaders. Some of the major drug lords and smugglers are the powerful people who are in the political arenas of most nations as for the case of Vienna and Azerbaijan (Hawdon & Kleiman, 2011). Due to their involvement and investments in the drug trafficking activities, they always oppose any attempt to combat drugs and drug use as they always have the fear of being exposed.

These politicians always resist vetting and in most case even threaten the vetting bodies. This is a great challenge to the bodies that work to combat drugs and drug abuse since they get the difficulty to access the roots of the sources of the drugs because of the fear of the threats imposed by the politicians.

It can also be pointed out that both the light house and Azerbaijan only a small part of the population have confidence in that drugs and the virus are discussion topics that can and must be discussed with everyone. In addition, they are persuaded that discussing is the only way to regulating epidemic spread (World Population Prospects, 2011).

In both the light house and the Azerbaijan a large number of people who are drug abusers have been identified under poor upbringings. This means that there is a contribution of the poverty level to the spread of drug abuse and the virus (WHO, 2012).This happens when people try to satisfy their economic needs through selling of drugs, which lead to unprotected sex as well.

In both Azerbaijan and light house there is an encouragement of the individuals which helps them focus on their occupancies and come out from living in the streets. When people have some business to do it means that less of their efforts will be concentrated to activities that are not beneficial. It is the aim of both parties to see to it that people have a focus although this has not fully been achieved.

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Drug abuse cannot be assumed in the society today and as it can be observed that the spread of the virus amongst people is increasing at higher rates which are brought about by the use drugs, regardless of the many efforts to make awareness on the ways in which the disease is spread and the dangers. Although this is happening, we are having more volunteers seeking to help these people find a purpose in life and acceptance in the community.

Drug abuse is a major threat to our generation and the educators should try more and tirelessly encourage people on better ways of living. It should be aim of every person to take full responsibility of their bodies not expecting someone to that for them. It is very clear that over 80% of people are aware of at least one aspect of the virus, therefore they should take initiative to enquire on areas of interest with an aim of gaining better understanding of the disease. People should not just assume responsibility to the authorities, let it be their own.


The individual person has the major role of ensuring his or her safety (WHO, 2009). They hold the first responsibility of taking care of themselves. People should avoid engaging in activities that increase the chances of spreading virus while they use drugs such as sharing of syringes, sex without use of condoms and having many sex partners. As several studies have shown, having many sex partners increases the chances of spreading the virus while also creating a big chain amongst the participating individuals. It is important to marry and stick to one partner for life and this will go a long way in helping save a generation

I would also call upon well -wishers to provide support resources for taking care of the people who are drug addicts. Many people are suffering not only in Azerbaijan but around the globe. Some of these people come from very poor backgrounds and they cannot be able to access health sand counseling services that could support them and have a longer life.

The authorities should also take more consideration on educating the public on the dangers of drugs and ways in which they can protect themselves from being infected or spreading the virus to other people. They should organize more seminars and conferences whereby people can come and have open forums, asking and getting answers to their questions. These seminars should be designed in such a way that they address the relevant group of people.

For example the youth might find it very difficult to communicate with very elderly educators in the seminars. Therefore, they should consider the appropriate educators for each group of people. More publication should be made on national and local radio and television stations to at least capture a large number of audiences. 

The governments can also include HIV/AIDS and drug abuse awareness program in the education system whereby people can learn about the details of the disease from when they are young.  This will help many young people be able to say no to such unworthy activities if they get introduced to them since they will be fully aware of the dangers of the disease and the drugs.


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Project Manager Roles in an Organization

Project Manager Roles in an Organization
Project Manager Roles in an Organization

Project Manager Roles in an Organization

  1. What is a “single-line-of-command” organization? Why would employees used to such an organizational structure find it difficult to work with more than one boss at a time, as they would if they were reporting to both a project manager and a line manager at the same time?
  1. Jim is a project manager for a project that requires twelve months to be completed. During the 7th, 8th, and 9th months, he needs two team members with special qualifications. The functional manager associated with these team members has promised that these people will be available two months before they are needed on the project. If Jim doesn’t assign them to his project at that time, they will be assigned elsewhere and Jim will have to make do with whoever is available later on. What should Jim do? Make any assumptions necessary to support your answer.
  1. Imagine that you are a project engineer on a high-technology project. As your project begins to wind down, the project manager asks you to write a paper about the project so he can present it at a technical meeting. His name goes first on the paper credits. Should this be a part of your job? How do you feel about this situation?
  1. As a project nears completion, the project manager may find that the functional people on the project are more interested in finding a new role for themselves than in giving their best effort to the current task. How does this relate to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and what should the project manager do?
  1. Your company just hired a senior manager with two masters degrees in engineering. This engineer is quite competent, and has worked well as a loner for the past twenty years. He has just been assigned to the Research and Development phase of your project. You, as project manager, must insure that he works well as a team member with other functional employees, and not as a loner. How will you accomplish this? If this engineer persists in wanting to be a loner, should you fire him?
  1. Last month, Alice completed an assignment as chief project engineer on Project X. It was a great assignment; Alice and all other project personnel were kept fully informed by the project manager about all project activities. Alice is now working for a new project manager who tells his staff only what they have to know in order to get their job done. What can Alice do about this situation? Can this be a good situation? Why or why not? Which management style would you prefer?
  1. Is it possible for a project manager to improve his time management skills by understanding what motivates his team? Why or why not?

Project Manager Roles in an Organization Sample Answer

Question one

A single-line-of-command organization is whereby individual report addresses their concerns   by addressing them to a senior manager of a particular section or department. The manager in such organization does as directed by the supervisor. Employees used to such structures find it difficult to work with more bosses at a time because; decisions are delayed, as it requires more time and negotiations.

Question two

In this situation, Jim should negotiate with the functional team manager to make the two-team members available at the right time and if the negotiation fails, then he will have to work with the available members later. This is because, hurrying the project to solicit the service of the team members will be a risk to the project as it may not be handled well. Therefore, I would rather he use other members who will also be having skills in the areas to handle the tasks in the 7th or 8th or 9th month.

Question three

 I do believe that the name of the project manager should not be the first on the paper credit and as well; the project engineer should not be the one to write the paper but rather should help him with a draft. It is the responsibility of the project manager to write a final paper that should be presented to the technical committee.

Question four

This relates to Maslow’s hierarchy of need because, they are worried about their physiological needs such as food and clothing. They must therefore look for another alternative that will enable them achieve this. They are also insecure as the job is ending. The project manager should therefore, assures them that they are secure and that there will be another project to do. They should also be well paid o be able to cater for their needs even if they are not going to have another immediate project.

Question five

To ensure that the engineer works well with other members, as a project manager, I will make him through negotiation to understand the policy of an organization at his time of employment. He will also be told the importance of working as teamwork. In case the engineer persists in working as a loner, I will not fire him immediately but will try to talk to him and as well assess his performance. If he performs well without affecting the functions and operations of the team and the organization, he will not be fired, but given more time to learn to work with others.

Question six

In this situation, Alice should just comply with this situation. To me, it is not a bad situation because, the most important thing is to handle the project and finish it as required. Other things concerning the project do not hold water. I would therefore, prefer this style of management because, it is straight to the point and will ensure that projects are finished in the right time. 

Question seven

It is possible for a project manager to improve his time management skills. Time is a valuable resources and it requires proper planning. A good manager must have these skills to be able to handle his or her responsibilities well (Pothukuchi, 2008). A project manager that has time management skills will have time for his employees or team members and this will allow him o understand their needs and therefore be in a position to devise various strategies to motivate them. Therefore, it is good skill and managers ought to have it.


Pothukuchi, B. (2008). Personality-Time Management Skills Relationship. ICFAI Journal of Organizational Behavior, 7(1): 57-61.

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