Practitioner Reflection Essay Paper

Practitioner Reflection
Practitioner Reflection

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Practitioner Reflection

Review the following practitioner assessment instruments:

•          Professional Quality of Life Scale (PROQOL)

•          Self-Care Assessment Worksheet

•          Compassion Fatigue Self-Test

Select one of the practitioner assessment instruments and complete it based upon your own feelings in response to potentially working with the family in the case study.

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In a journal assignment, answer the following questions:

1.         What aspects of the Riverez case would create the greatest potential for compassion fatigue?

2.         What practices could human services practitioners adopt to reduce the risks of compassion fatigue when working with families such as the one represented in the case study?

3.         What aspects of your results do you believe are most important to consider and why?

4.         What practices do you plan to adopt or cease in response to your results?

This journal assignment will be used to support your well-being in your professional practice, as well as Section IV: Practitioner Reflection piece of your final project.

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