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Product Positioning

Product Positioning
Product Positioning

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Product Positioning

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Research Article Review and annotation -The Consumer Behavior concept is “Product Positioning”The article analysis assignments are used each week to expand and apply Consumer Behavior terms, application, or concepts using peer reviewed research articles from academic journals. These articles must report research the author completed in the subject area and be from the past three (3) years or less. 

This assignment (the article annotation) extracts and summarizes the major points relative to a particular topic area that we have discussed. Use the following as a guide to your assignment completion:

a) Purpose of the study

b) Methodology of the study

c) The results – most important because this is the empirical evidence

d) Conclusions – least important since this is the author’s opinion

e) Recommendation for future research

The article citation must follow the APA 6th edition format using a hanging-indent. The annotation itself should be 250 words double-spaced.

Comments on Annotation: must be 200 words on the same article as above! “Product Positioning”Post your comment on your submitted article annotation. In your post, evaluate the selection of the article, the research conducted, the empirical findings, and the opinions of the author. Using this post, determine the type of project/research this article might support.
The three sources you need for the comment section. NOT The article review and annotation. 

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Research Article Review and annotation- Consumer Behaviour

Wason, H., & Charlton, N. (2015). How positioning strategies affect co-branding outcomes. Cogent Business & Management, 2(1), 1092192.

Purpose of the study

The aim of the study is to focus on the gap that is present between the product positioning in the market and its impact on co-branding when it comes to customer perception. Positioning influences the consumer perception of the product and increases the brand image in the mind of the consumer. This stimulates their desire to purchase the product. A lot of research has been done on the market positioning of a product with minimal focus on the influence of positioning on customer behaviour. In addition, the influence of positioning in the branding of the product.

Methodology of the study

The study employed scenario-based experimental design that focused on hypothetical co-brands that were created from the prevailing brand. The perspectives of positioning were conducted using the eight-dimension typology.

The Results

A bootstrap of 500 samples was conducted using the PLS analysis. The composite reliability of brand fit is 0.898 and product fit was 0.939. Contrariwise, the AVE figures were 0.814 with a benchmark for 0.7 and 0.939 with a benchmark of 0.5. Additionally, the positioning strategies have a sense of fit where the variance is more than 0.3 in the predictive relevance. Moreover, in the functional positioning strategies the product fit forms a central customer perception in the market. On the other hand, in hedonic positioning strategies, the brand fit is central in the customer behavior in the market.


The conclusion is that the post-alliance positioning of a brand is linked to the prior consumer beliefs and they are more inclined to the influence for hedonic positioning rather than functional positioning. Moreover, the brand and product fit are centered on the positioning strategies…..

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