Implementation and Evaluation of Patient Safety

Implementation and Evaluation of Patient Safety
Implementation and Evaluation of Patient Safety

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Implementation and Evaluation of Patient Safety

  1. 1 Read the article “Patient Safety: A Priority for Healthcare and for Healthcare Design” located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. “Patient Safety’’ is it a Priority for Healthcare and for Healthcare Design.
  2. Read the article “Nursing’s Impact on Healthcare Facility Design” located in this Week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. What is the impact of nursing in health care Design?
  3. There are many ways to evaluate a project’s success. What are some ways you might evaluate the success of your project?
  4. Read the following scenario.

A new Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) owned and operated by a hospital system, recently opened for patient services following the final inspections by all jurisdictional authorities, including state licensure. Approximately 90 days following occupancy, the state licensing agency contacted the hospital to inform them that the new ASC patient access site plan does not meet with their approval and must be changed immediately.

Although no specific code reference was cited, the licensing agency stated that ASC patients should not cross or use driveways or sidewalks that are intended for hospital patients, staff, etc. The hospital contacted the project architect to address the site concerns and to seek resolution that would not significantly affect day-to-day operations or impede access to either the hospital campus or the ASC.What are some possible solutions to the problem faced in this scenario?

5. Read the article “Evaluating Intention and Effect: The Impact of Healthcare Facility Design on Patient and Staff Well-Being” in this week’s Electronic Reserve Reading

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Implementation and Evaluation of Patient Safety

Question one

Article 1- Patient Safety: A Priority for Healthcare and for Healthcare Design

(Stichler, J., F, 2016)

Patient safety is a priority for healthcare and for healthcare design. The lack of professional diligence in healthcare can result in patient care errors that have far reaching consequences. Patient care errors affect the families of the patient in as much as it affects the patient (Stichler, 2016). It results in increased suffering, pain and potentially also to death. At the same time it has psychological long lasting effects on the healthcare professional. Therefore patient safety is the number priority in the provision of healthcare services from the perspective of the patient and the care giver….

Question two

Article 2- Nursing’s Impact on Healthcare Facility Design- Stichler J., F. (2016).

The impact of Nursing in Healthcare Design can be seen in several ways. The first is the important role that nurses have played in the design of labor, delivery, and recovery rooms (LDRs) and labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum rooms (LDRPs). Stichler (2016), states that this was the improvement from the initial alternative birth centers (ABCs) that had earlier been designed. This evidence-based input from nurses was important in eliminating the need to transfer patients multiple times in different rooms depending on the medical care they needed….

Question three- Measuring Project Success

One of the ways in which the success of a project can be measured is the customer or client satisfaction. The client who contracted for the project will expect to be satisfied with the outcomes at the end of the project. Within the parameters of healthcare facilities and organizations, the client may be an investor or the government (both national and local). The Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is useful in evaluating the occupancy rates for buildings that are newly constructed (Alvaro et al. 2016). The occupancy rate will be an indicator of how quickly they will recoup their investment. This will assist the client to know if the project was successful or not…..

Question four- Ambulatory Scenario

One way to address the problem is to work with the architect in order to meet the stipulations set out by the licensing agency. The architect will have to evaluate the current design and suggest where how the hospital can construct pathways that do not interfere with the main hospital system. In case the architect can come up with recommendations that new pathways may be constructed, the hospital should consider doing so in order to be compliant with the requirements of the regulating agency. The supplementary construction should seek to minimize any interference with the day-to-day operations of the main hospital….

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