Listerine Mouth Wash Marketing Strategy

Listerine Mouth Wash Marketing Strategy
Listerine Mouth Wash Marketing Strategy

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Listerine Mouth Wash Marketing Strategy

This project requires you to investigate the marketing strategy of an existing Consumer Product. 

The following parts are required with the points allocated per section.

1. Name of product and description of product Listerine mouth wash

2. Product Category – Size of product category (dollar or unit sales) and the major competitors.  What is the market share of the major competitors and your brand? What other information can you provide which can help to understand what is happening in the market.   20 pts

3.  Target Market – Describe the target market using market dimension variables. These are segmentation variables such as demographic, psychographics, behavioral or geographic. Only two or three sentences to precisely describe the typical user using these variables.  10 pts

4.   Explanation of the need that this product fulfills as it relates to specific target market. Is it a “Me Too” imitator? How is it different from other product brands in the.

This should also include the product positioning.           

10 pts

5.  Marketing Mix

Product Offering –  Things that should be included, name, features/attributes, packaging and any other things that  makes this offering unique and increases its ability to satisfy target market needs. What phase of product life cycle is the brand?  Picture of product should be included.

Distribution – Explanation of distribution system- direct or indirect 

Name the major type of intermediaries if indirect. 

Pricing – Give price per package. Explain pricing strategy.  What is the markup % at the retail level?  (Hint:  ask manager at the store).

Promotion – Explain all the promotion mix elements currently being used to promote the product.  Need to justify the reason different promotion mix elements chosen.  Attached a link to a commercial video would be something good to do for presentation.

Market Opportunity Matrix – Explain the primary growth strategy that has been used to grow and sustain this brand in the past 5- 10 years.  Provide justification.   Read about types of opportunities in Chapter 2

Market Penetration

Market Development

Product development


Listerine Mouth Wash Marketing Strategy

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Listerine Mouth Wash Marketing Strategy

Listerine mouth wash is a globally recognized brand that is used to clean the mouth and eliminate bad breath as well as kill germs. The product has been in the market for a long time and thus it has gained customer loyalty over time. This paper will focus on various marketing concepts regarding the product and thus provide a clear insight of the market performance.

Product Category

The product comes in various sizes and with different flavors. The common size that has gained a large demand in the market is Listerine cool mint antiseptic that is retailed at $39.86 and it is at 1.5 liters. Recently, there is a discount of 5 % so as to promote marketing. The major competitors in the market are Colgate Plax, scope and oral B which perform the same function. In the United States for instance, the product is consumed by over 61 percent of the market. The sales for the year 2016 were $105.3 Million (Statistics portal,  2017).

Target Market

The major target for the product is people with the needs of special hygiene and these are mostly people from well to do families who live in urban as well as semi urban areas. They have high levels of income and they mostly have a unique lifestyle whereby they prefer a differentiated product like Listerine mouth wash which is different from the common brands in the market. Young people mostly make up the target market (MBA School-Study Learn. Share, 2017).

Explanation of the need

Listerine mouth wash is known for its ability to kill germs at a higher percentage compared to the competitor brands. It also eliminates bad breath as well as fighting specific germs that cause gingivitis. The product is long lasting thus giving the customer value for their money. It comes in different flavors and finally it is clinically proven to work in the human mouth without causing harm and providing a long lasting freshness…..

Listerine Mouth Wash Marketing Strategy

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