The Consumer Behavior concept Research Article Review and Annotation

The Consumer Behavior concept
The Consumer Behavior concept

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The Consumer Behavior concept

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The Consumer Behavior concept is “Market Segmentation” The article analysis assignments are used each week to expand and apply Consumer Behavior terms, application, or concepts using peer reviewed research articles from academic journals. These articles must report research the author completed in the subject area and be from the past three (3) years or less. 

This assignment (the article annotation) extracts and summarizes the major points relative to a particular topic area that we have discussed. Use the following as a guide to your assignment completion:

a) Purpose of the study

b) Methodology of the study

c) The results – most important because this is the empirical evidence

d) Conclusions – least important since this is the author’s opinion

e) Recommendation for future research

The article citation must follow the APA 6th edition format using a hanging-indent. The annotation itself should be 250 words double-spaced.

Comments on Annotation: must be 200 words

Post your comment on your submitted article annotation. In your post, evaluate the selection of the article, the research conducted, the empirical findings, and the opinions of the author. Using this post, determine the type of project/research this article might support.

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The Consumer Behavior concept Research Article Review and Annotation


Canhoto, A. I., Clark, M., & Fennemore, P. (2013). Emerging segmentation practices in the age of the social customer. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 21(5), 413-428.

This was an exploratory study that was conducted with the aim of examining the segmentation approaches of firms that use social media. Specifically, it examined whether the traditional approaches were still relevant in the wake of social media and whether there are other emerging practices. Researchers used key informant interviews for data collection. The participants in this study were nineteen senior marketing officials of selected organizations.

Additionally, the researchers selected participating organization using the non-probabilistic sampling method which assisted in identifying firms that use social media for marketing. The interviews, which lasted one hours, were semi-structured and interviewers used open-ended questions. Eighteen of the participants were interviewed face to face while the other one conducted a telephone interview. All interviews were recorded and later coded manually due to massive use of multiple synonyms.

Subsequently, the findings of the research revealed that organizations considered segmentation as a vital aspect of marketing. Further, it was also found that firms used social media in order to identify and categorize the clientele. The profiling was intended to target customers and aloe the companies to position their offers. It was also shown that there were varying levels of investment in market segmentation, and more so, social media by organizations.  

Additionally, the research also showed that culture has a lot of influence on firms when it came to the adoption social media segmentation. It was concluded that social media is used to supplement traditional market segmentation approaches. It was recommended that further research is need for the purpose of studying the prospects of social media market segmentation in the business world.

Comments on Annotation

This article was chosen because it addresses the emerging issues in market segmentation. It is evident that the wave of social media has swept over most aspects of people’s lives. The advancement in technology opens up new opportunities for organizations and as such call for a way to change the way business is done. One important aspect of social media is that it has had a huge impact on marketing.  Currently, firms are finding ways in which they can deal with social customers, most on which share their market experience on social media (Simkin & Dibb, 2013)……

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